Lull her (1 of 5)

So my last project was a fail. The plan was to publish 4 gold spray paint DIYs. I got to 3. The 4th one didn’t feel good enough to me, so it will never get to be on the blog. EVER.

I have a more interesting project though. To share a couple of short poems that I’ve written. REALLY SHORT. They are 1-3 lines long each and have a central theme of sleep/rest/night. Because they are short, I found that it was easiest and most natural to employ imagery to deliver the punch. I like poetry, and my brain seems to get into creative over-drive at night when I am desperately trying to sleep. Before, I would let my ideas pass and hope I remembered them in the morning. I never would. So I started writing them down. I hope somebody appreciates this series. Here’s the first.



And I lay on sheets of petals,
With dew drops for pillows.


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