Sweet Sweet Solitude

Because sometimes, you are your own favourite company…

I could sing along to the song of my breathing
and dance to the rhythm of my heart,
snap to the steps of my racing thoughts
and clap to the sound of my sighs,
in perfect solitude.

I could bask in the light of my ideas
and soak in the goodness of my very presence,
bathe in the sun of the solitary
and rejoice in the company of none.
Such beautiful solitude

I could tan on a bed under aloneness
and catch not a burn of loneliness,
bury my feet in the sands of solitude
and feel it tickle and tease.
Oh pleasant solitude.

I could clothe myself with swaddling of nothing
and find comfort in the embrace of no one,
camp in the tent of mine only
and find my temporary abode,
in the wilderness of solitude.

I could hum the sounds of quietness
and whistle the tunes of still,
play the keys of glorious serenity
and lull myself to sleep,
in sweet sweet solitude


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