Kitenge Kulture (Part Two)

One post ago (Kitenge Kulture Part One), I wrote about my beautiful kitenge pieces from Nairobi Closet. Today, I share two other kitenge pieces by a different tailor/designer: Morris (I unfortunately did not get his surname. SMH). He is no household name, but he does a damn good job. Morris’ tailoring booth- cum- office- cum- design studio is located on the 3rd floor of Uganda House- Nairobi. My mum had been told about him by a friend of hers. I was wishy-washy about having him do my clothes but you know what? Having clothes tailored is a risk. You just need to choose to take it, and have one of two outcomes: REGRET, or SUCCESS; learn from either.  Mine, the latter.


I badly wanted a waist coat done. I had a few ideas.

Sleeveless. Wide necked. Low neckline. Collarless. 3 Buttons.

Morris was extremely patient with me as I told him what I wanted and what I didn’t, and he built up on my foundation and a few pencil strokes later, he had come up with a simple chic design that made my heart smile. 🙂

top: front viewbottom: back view
top: front view
bottom: back view
I prefer it open. unless if worn with a shirt with collars
I prefer it open. unless if worn with a shirt with collars
semi- pleated back

I walked into Morris’ office with only a waist coat in mind. But I had extra fabric. He saw it, and being the shrewd salesman he is, convinced me to have a dress done. I’m so weak!


I decided I wanted something really simple for summer. Again, I had my input. 

Slightly above the knee. Sleeveless. A-line. Button detail. 


He made it happen!

I feel that this needs a skinny belt though.

I am definitely giving more local tailors a chance


Drop me an email if you like his work and want to try him out, I will give you his number…

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