Pretty Skies and Cherry Pies

Me+U= mu 
see what happened there? Geek joke. Greek joke.
I’m the Joker, you’re the King, My King of Heart
Heart. One heart. My Heart. Singular not plural
Pleural malfunction, you make it hard to breathe
Your touch is exhilarating
Excites my every electron
Quantum Physics 101
Time with you one-on-one
Time, our dimension, fourth dimension
Love, flowing in two directions
You to me, Me to you
Not One Direction, that sucks
Back and forth between two points
This poem has no point
You give me ecstasy, pun intended, or not, your pick
If it’s wrong to love you I don’t want to be right
It’s aMaize-ingly corny.
Let’s do this again
Like drugs

Our love is like a ship sailing
through storms and fair weather
Me and you together… No. No. No.
Our love is like a submarine
Going deep down where
no-one has been
no-one has seen
This poem is going nowhere
so I’m going to sleep
so  monitor my random eye movements
they spell out your name
because your name is all I R.E.M.ember
Lost lover of mine


Whispery Wind


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