Under The Radar

It was my beautiful friend Julie’s 21st birthday 3 weeks ago and we celebrated it at dinner; Under The Radar. No, really, we were Under The Radar; that’s the restaurant’s name.

Restaurant reviews are so much work! I like to the write them when I am in a busy-body kinda frame of mind. But it’s been the holidays! I did not want to think too hard about writing a post. So I will just say a few things about the restaurant and leave you with pics to devour.

It was a good night full of love, laughter and food. The service was however pathetic. It took us forever to get our drinks and meals, and waitpersons, though many in number, were not in sight. That pissed me off, I’m really big on service. I guess it goes without saying that we did not tip our waiter for the night?

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the night.  I loved the ambiance and the fact that it is an outdoor garden restaurant (they have an indoor section too if that’s your cup of tea), was fresh and different. Their prices are some of the most reasonable I have seen in Nairobi. I give them ten brownie points for having clean and comfortable cloakrooms! The food was good and the portions were large; most of us couldn’t finish our food! Their  presentation needs  some work though. And it would be nice for the manager to show his face.

Accessories for the night
Accessories of the night
Dress of the night
Dress of the night
Mug of the night
Mug of the night

IMG_20131231_034559 IMG_20131231_034219 IMG_20131231_034516 SAM_1944 IMG_20131231_033505 IMG_20131231_033333 IMG_20131231_033029 IMG_20131231_033817 IMG_20131231_033206 IMG_20131231_032739 IMG_20131231_032449 IMG_20131231_032315 IMG_20131231_032229 IMG_20131231_031828 IMG_20131231_031955

I hope everybody enjoyed the festive season, I did. 🙂 I’m sorry for the dry-spell in posts, blame the holidays, again.

I hope it’s not too late:

Happy New Year Beloved!

I wish you all blessings, love and sunshine this year!

7 thoughts on “Under The Radar

  1. gt says:

    Baby, I’ve just read your last ten articles. Low score for not reading on time. High score on the basis of

  2. Nash says:

    Ooh ! That Janelle Monae thingy in your hair is fabulous !!!! I’ll check out the pricing and check it out seeing as I don’t live too far away. All in all, welcome back to blogging and have a contentful year 😀

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