One Touch Live

A few months ago, a group of talented and crazy Kenyan photographers under the name ‘One Touch Media’, went on a road trip through the 5 East African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Just for the record, I like crazy.

Their mission is to showcase Africa’s beauty through their lenses. Why ‘One Touch’? Because they aim to get their best shot in ONE TAKE. As they traversed East Africa, they posted their images on their instagram pages with the hashtag #OneTouchLive. I follow a couple of them, and it did feel like a live experience. I saw the enormous Jinja chapatis and Kigali’s beauty.  Burundi’s hills and Lake Tanganyika’s glistening grandeur.

Through out last week (Monday 18 November- Friday 22 November) at the Michael Joseph Centre, the One Touch Media team had a photo gallery open to the public to view some of their best images. It was quite something.


DSC01536 IMG_20131127_094340 DSC01539

Of course I couldn’t take pictures of the works, so here I’ll share a few images courtesy of their website. All images from here on are courtesy of One Touch Media. I do not own any of the images from this point on. Visit their online gallery here. The images are available for sale, blown up and framed.

 COOL FACT: A lot of the pictures were taken using smart phones and editing was done on the same.


2_s 5_s 6_s 7_s 8_s 10_s 13_s 17_s 20_s

Remember I said ‘crazy’ photographers? Well, these guys are planing a 3 month ‘road’ trip to Rio for the 2014 World Cup! I say ‘road’ trip because 28 days will be spent on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. I like crazy!

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