Taking stock H2 2020

Has it really been a whole year since I did one of these? What a wauw. This year has been so wild.

Making: a cup of green tea

Cooking: I just made 2-ingredient doughnuts, similar to Nigerian puff puff. Quick, easy and yummy.

Drinking: the cup of green tea I just made

Reading: So much. It’s been amazing. I’ve read more in the past 2 months than I did last year. Reading is truly a gift. That books allow you to expand your views, escape your reality… it’s beautiful. You can check out my books on Good Reads here.

I am currently reading:

Wanting: to get back to vlogging but also your girl is lazy, lol

Playing: Ceraadi’s Playlist – EP, FKA twigs- Magdalene

Wasting: less time on the internet at bedtime. I used to find myself scrolling for hours at bedtime, sleeping after midnight then waking up hella groggy. But the past few days I’ve tried to put my phone away by 10pm

SewingI recently knitted a scarf!

Wishing: Nairobi July weather would act right. Why does 18 degrees feel like 10? What is the reason?

Enjoying: all the time I have to pursue passion projects and hobbies. I recently left my job and it’s been so refreshing to suddenly have all the time for baking, gardening, knitting, reading, collecting art, building furniture… I could go on.

Liking: the little tid bits that style guru Sunny Dolat has been sharing on his IG. From gemstones in Kenya, to African masculinity, to adornment in Kenya and the sacrosanctity of many textiles in Africa… You should follow him

Wondering: what I should name the company I want to register. Something that represents bold/ smart women. Any ideas?

Loving: Yoga. It has seriously changed my life. Physically, I’m so much stronger, have mind-body awareness, and have leaned out. Mentally I am regulating my anxiety and emotions better, and on days where I practise yoga in the morning, my concentration is better. Yoga is for everyone. It upsets me that many instructors promote the sexy poses instead of the softer benefits and functional movement. My favourite internet yoga instructors are Sarah Beth Yoga and Yoga with Kassandra because they focus on functional movement and often have modifications.

Hoping: for clarity on my medium- to longer-term career direction

Marveling: at how much eliminating stress can improve your life. My skin is clearer, I’m happier, and I’ve lost some body fat! Stress is a scam friends.

Needing: this pandemic to be over. It’s enough bruh. Too many people have died, more than enough livelihoods have been lost, enough economic damage has been done, make it stop.

Smelling: frying oil. lol. It’s the doughnuts

Wearing: socks indoors because it’s cold :/

Following: Maraji’s World on YouTube. She is hilarious. Making me miss Nigeria so much. Julie Nolke is also great

Noticing: that my discovery of new music has stalled. Any artists I should be checking for?

Knowing: that God’s got me šŸ™‚

Thinking: I should really start that data science course I signed up for a week ago *sigh*

Feeling: excited about the future. It’s tough right now, but I know things will look up for me, and you too.

Bookmarking: lots of articles for some work that I’m doing.

Opening: my closet to get running clothes since it’s that time.

Giggling: N/A

Thank you for reading to the end šŸ™‚

Please enjoy this IG live video that I did with Horesia Nyawade (cofounder of Vuuqa) where we discussed funemployment and the pursuit of purpose

7 thoughts on “Taking stock H2 2020

  1. Nduta Gathigi says:

    Been a minute! Also, thanks for the yoga recommendations, been thinking about starting, but all the videos and IG pages I’ve found were hella intimidating.

  2. Derin Adebulehin says:

    I have so many artist recs because I have been bugging friends and been loving movie soundtracks. Check out – Ipeleng, M’ax, Juls, Blood Orange, Madison McFerrin & Mike Kayihura, if you haven’t already!

    As usual, always a treat to get these blogpost notifications from you.

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