Accra in under 48 hours

Hi friends,

How’s the year going? I’m lagging on a lot of my goals but I am hoping I will be able to catch up in the next few months.

I was in Accra in March for a quick weekend trip. I absolutely love Accra. It has the charm of Lagos but is less hectic.  This was my second time in Accra- the first time was for the Chale Wote festival last August. That was a fun time with some of my best friends; I will see if I can dig up some footage and piece together a vlog.

But today, we talk about what you can do in Accra when you only have 48 hours!

Lunch at Chez Clarisse

This spot is frequented by locals and tourists alike. They serve Ivorian food with the tilapia and atieke being a popular entree. They can get really full so go before or after peak lunch hours. Some items on the menu can take a while to prepare and people often call to order in advance. They are also not cheap but totally worth it for the excellent food.



Batik shopping

Different batik styles are popular across the world and make for beautiful multi-use fabrics. In West Africa, the Indonesian technique was introduced by the Dutch and has been assimilated into Ghanian culture. Stamps with Adinkra symbols are used to create beautiful patterns on silk or cotton.

You can reach Aunty Esther for the best batik in Accra on her Facebook page here. Her shop is called Exmac on Google maps. She makes all her designs herself and her prices are really friendly too, making her very popular!



Skin, hair and body care on Oxford street 

There are lots of stalls on Oxford street selling curios, leather goods, body care and more. I stopped by Lizzy Navrongo’s stall to get some black soap and shea butter for myself and as gifts. You can reach Lizzy on Instagram here

Drinks at The Republic

This is a chill roadside bar with local-fusion cocktails at great prices. It has a vintage-grunge feel with deep red walls, black-and-white photos, vintage postcards, and an outdoor wooden deck.


Brunch anywhere

Accra, like any Afropolitan city, has lots of spots for brunch. I stopped by Cafe Kwae, a small Ghanaian-owned cafe with excellent food and service. It gets full so reservations are advised. Other spots that I have been to/ recommended by friends include Coco lounge, Labadi beach hotel, Osikan ocean rock retreat, La Villa Boutique Hotel.


Sundowners at Sky bar 25

On your way to the airport, stop by Sky bar 25 to enjoy pretty city views and catch a drink before you catch your flight!




Of course, Accra has so much more to offer, but I hope you find this post helpful! Have you been to Accra? What are some must-dos? Check out the vlog below too if you enjoyed this post 🙂


Love and light

Tell me what you think in the comment section. :)

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