Taking Stock Q2 2019

Hey friends!

I didn’t do a taking stock for Q1 but I guess this post counts? Or this one?


(Stay till the end of this post for a vlog! Or you could just scroll down to the vlog. But really I want you to read this post and watch the vlog as a reward)


Making: a schedule for the things I need to do before I leave Lagos end of June this year (Mungu akijalia)

Cooking: cooked an excellent lentil coconut curry yesterday. Was definitely too salty but the rice will cut that

Drinking: a glass of Sauv Blanc

Reading: Still reading:

Wanting: more money and more vacation days to take more trips

Playing: Free Spirit (album) by Khalid and Ventura (album) by Anderson Paak

Wasting: tissues. I need to stop

SewingPass. But this reminds me, I said I would start knitting this year. Well…

Wishing: I could solve the world’s problems. Like poverty and inequality and war.

Enjoying: memories from my recently concluded US trip 🙂

Liking: not loving, but liking, Beyonce’s Homecoming film. I have several criticisms of it, but I enjoyed it overall. And it gave me something to do since my days have been very slow lately.

Wondering: how long I’ll have dreadlocks for. I’m enjoying the journey thus far. But I also have hair commitment issues. I’m giving myself another year before I begin to itch with the urge to change it up. Also, I swore that I wouldn’t cut my dreadlocks if I got bored of them but I tried to comb one of them out last December and it was close to impossible. So I’ll probably go bald again when I get tired of locs.

Loving: Guava Island. I watched it yesterday it was so wonderful to see beautiful black people on screen, with accents that are not what we hear every day in mainstream media, with beautiful music.

Hoping: I can negotiate my way in a few situations coming up

Marveling: at how heavy this coffee table book I bought is. I received the Amazon package and it was labeled 19.9lbs. HOW? How is a book 10kg? Granted it’s two volumes but still!

Needing: to finish reading the three books that I started reading but haven’t finished. It’s April and I’ve only read one book this year!

Smelling: tea tree oil that I just dabbed on this diabolical chin pimple

Wearing: a dira that my cousin gave me (well, I coerced him into giving it to me)

Following the following on Instagram:

Noticing: that I low key have body image issues.

Knowing: more and more that black people are the shit. I mean, humans are ok in general, but black folk? We’ve been put down for so long because we are the actual power. The origin of mankind. There’s magic in that. My travels to the US and having conversations with AfAms and other black Americans really was special. We are the shit y’all. they just don’t want you to realise it. Our culture, our music, our bodies, our kingdoms that they destroyed, our inventions that they burned, our art that they stole… We are the originators.

Thinking: about how I have to go into the office tomorrow. Vacation blues.

Feeling: proud of my sister that graduated with distinction in her honors degree

Bookmarking: Steve Jobs’ biography, physically

Opening: another tab to schedule another video 🙂

Giggling: at an inside joke that my sister and I share. Actually, giggling is wrong. Hollering very uncouthly is what it really is!

Thank you for reading to the end 🙂

Please enjoy this video of my birthday weekend in January

I know, I know. How lame can I possibly be, sharing it three months late? Well, better late than never, no?


Love and love

Tell me what you think in the comment section. :)

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