Taking Stock Q1 2018

Happy 2018!

I hope 2017 was a year of lessons and growth, and 2018 is onwards and upwards.

Making: an effort to stress less this year

Cooking: dinner for my family every other day

Drinking: rooibos with lemon

Reading: emails

Still reading The State of Africa– Martin Meredith. Well written and interesting book but such heavy content that it’s difficult to get through

Wanting: to get my work permit :/

Playing: gospel music on YouTube. One of my goals this year is to listen to more wholesome and uplifting music

Wasting: facial tissue? I use too much


Wishing: the holidays weren’t over just yet

Enjoying: home-brewed coffee

Liking: that I made some great new friends in 2017, and rekindled some old friendships

Wondering: what my next career move should be. I have some rough ideas and timelines, but hoping for more clarity

Loving: the time I had with my sister and friends in Diani

Hoping: to achieve all my 2018 goals. I didn’t write down any goals in 2017 and so it was impossible to measure my achievements. This year, I have clear things I am hoping to achieve, from getting great reviews at work, to praying more.

Marveling: at my body and not in a good way. I’ve suffered two migraine attacks in the past two weeks. Terrible ones, with aura. I’ve always suffered dull headaches especially when stressed or tired, but this new thing is worrying, and honestly debilitating.

Needing: to lose fat. I started working out again and eating healthy when work closed for the holidays; then I went to the coast and all that went out the window. I’m now back to intermittent fasting and eating cleaner. Hoping to lose mid section fat that I’ve put on from a year of no fitness and crap eating

Smelling: Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Wearing: tank top and sweatpants

Following the following on Instagram:

  • David Uzochukwu– Visual artist with the most moody portraits.
  • The Mangoa Central– Kenyan page with a focus on travel, culture, landscapes and wildlife
  • Adwoa Aboah– British model who was on the first cover of British Vogue under the new (black) editor-in-chief

Noticing: that spending a lot of time in front of computers physically drains me and I don’t feel well rested even after several hours of sleep. Convinced that our modern lifestyles are affecting us more than we realise or want to accept.

Knowing: God reigns over all. ALL.

Thinking: about my work plan for the day

Feeling: a little low, for a number of reasons

Bookmarking: this article

Opening: PowerPoint



Love and love

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