Taking Stock Q4 2017

OK, 2017 is pretty much over? Cool.

(Literally the only selfie I found that was remotely blog-worthy. Mostly just do Instagram videos these days)

Making: an effort to do my best in everything I undertake

Cooking: LOL.

Drinking: Green tea

Reading: articles on Investopedia

I finished reading Red Notice- Bill Browder

Currently reading The State of Africa– Martin Meredith

Wanting: to go home :/

Playing: Daniel Caesar’s Freudian on repeat! He’s brilliant.

Wasting: tea tree oil


Wishing: my skin would go back to how amazing it was about a year ago. Something just went off and I’ve been getting cystic pimples that I’m certain are related to my menstrual hormones :/

Enjoying: my flexible working hours in Lagos at the moment

Liking: financial freedom

Wondering: where in Kenya I should go in December- Diani, Lamu or Turkana? Thoughts?

Loving: that I have people on my team at work- my girls with whom I throw shade and spill tea with, my formal and informal mentors, supervisors and managers I’ve worked with and learnt so much from

Hoping: for peaceful re-elections in Kenya. So much hatred is being spewed, it breaks my heart.

Marveling: at the human heart. How can so much hate fester in us? How can so much evil brew in us? From the Mogadishu bombing, to #MeToo to #LuoLivesMatter, my heart can’t take it

Needing: a holiday. Preferably involving extreme sports 🙂

Smelling: fabric softener

Wearing: black leggings and a t-shirt

Following the following on Instagram:

  • Woody and Kleiny– Two friends that make ridiculously funny videos
  • Kangarui_– artist with Japanese and Kenyan roots who creates the most whimsical and beautiful things

Noticing:  how greasy and carb heavy Nigerian food is yet Nigerians never grow fat!

Knowing: God reigns over all. ALL.

Thinking: about getting dreadlocks but maybe I should grow my hair out more. My ends are so dead though :/

Feeling: optimistic

Bookmarking: my paperback book (State of Africa) with a note someone wrote me

Opening: my WhatsApp to catch up on messages


This Woody and Kleiny video

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