Taking Stock Q3 2017

In Durban with my friend Queen (R) in July

(Post written in July but I suck so I didn’t publish)

Well, there goes another half year!


Making: every effort to be more organised in life.

Cooking: steamed mixed vegetables

Drinking: green tea and water


I finished:

Currently reading Red Notice- Bill Browder

Wanting: more hours in a day. Or more days in a weekend.

Playing: a random Dave Grusin YouTube mix. He is a legendary jazz composer and pianist. I grew up listening to his music because my father is quite possibly the greatest jazz fan I know.


Wasting:  time on social media. Seriously, I spend so much time on Instagram during bed time, and it not only wastes time, but stops me from having a restful sleep.


Wishing: people talked about periods more openly. It is women’s monthly reality and obviously affects your life. I’m always embarrassed telling my male supervisors when I’m cramping, and it’s actually ridiculous that it’s still taboo to talk about periods and dysmenorrhea

Enjoying: being in South Africa again. I seriously love this country. It is home to some of my favourite people

Liking: having access to stuff! Addis is a bit of a difficult city to live in- there are so many comforts I took for granted before spending 10 months there

Wondering: why Kenyan politics is so ugly :/

Loving: that I’ve got my reading habit back this year. I still don’t go through a book a week or even a month (mostly because I read non-fiction which is generally harder to go through), but I’m always reading something 🙂

Hoping: the Kenyan election is free, fair and peaceful

Marveling: always marvelling at stars and the universe

Needing: a trip somewhere. Will likely take some time for a short solo trip somewhere within SA

Smelling: apples, broccoli and green tea that I just had, lol

Wearing: Thailand shorts and a huge t-shirt

Following: the following Instagram pages recently (ish)

  • @cynthianyongesa– Kenyan living in the US with the yummiest feed
  • @tonybakercomedy– American that does the funniest voice overs of animal videos. You need to watch his stuff!

Noticing Realising: that a lot of us are completely out of touch with the problems that lots of people face. I’m not talking about people living below poverty level (because that is hardship that I can’t even fathom, and it breaks my heart); I’m talking working class people whose daily problems are how they will get home because they have to take several matatus home, and when it rains fares are inflated and they have to incur opportunity costs to get home…

Knowing: that I’m the bomb diggity and I need to back myself more

Thinking: about my next holiday. NYE somewhere exotic?

Feeling: extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with in life. I’m not deserving, but have been favoured.

Bookmarking: lots of articles on Digital

Opening: my closet to pick out my outfit for tomorrow


All of Mila’s videos

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