Taking Stock Q2 2017

Ilashe beach, Lagos, Nigeria

Guys, I’m actually the most useless blogger ever. This post was written end of March and was supposed to go up beginning of April. Now we’re practically in May, which triggers panic within me because that means we are a third-way into the second quarter. It will soon be third quarter, then the year will be over. What?!

This post was written beginning of Q2. Where relevant, for each segment, I will include a current update. 🙂 Twende!

Making: a to do list for my day

Cooking: oats almost every morning for breakfast.

(Update: still cooking oats. Hoping to make some vegan bean burger patties tonight)

Drinking: Ethiopian spice tea and lots of green tea

(Update: and plain water)

(Still) reading:

How many months reading the same book till you should just call it quits?

(Update: I got about 10 extra pages on Scarlet Song. It’s not even a big book. Not sure why I can’t finish it)

Wanting: new tattoos. I’ve been pondering on tattoo ideas for the past 8 years… I think this time I’ll just do it without overthinking it. This weekend, I hope.

(Update: I have since got 2 new additions!)

Playing: the Weeknd’s older stuff. Like before Trilogy! Any long-time Weeknd fans? I wasn’t one of the originals but I was introduced to him just before he blew up with Kissland.

(Update: been listening to Lianne La Havas lately)

Wasting: no breaths stressing over things I can’t change. I recently attended work-related event where we had a training on resilience and how to manage stress. I was reminded that our bodies are not designed to be in a perpetual state of stress, and oftentimes stress is as a result of our own mind traps, not reality. So I’m learning to let things go when I find them stressing me out and I can’t control them.

Sewing: Wishing I could sew pantyhose to fix them, because I run way too many

Wishing: I had infinite time and infinite energy

(Update: STILL!)

Enjoying: Abstract: The Art of Design (Netflix docuseries). I only recently started it, but it is so cool and so well done. It’s amazing, the creative power of the human mind.

Liking: That I seem to have more discipline in controlling the amount of sleep I get. It’s all about open communication with my supervisor regarding late work nights, and knowing when to shut down.

Wondering: why tf I’m looking like a Dalmatian. I’ve been having the worst break outs that have left spots all over my face and I can’t figure out what the cause is. I suspect it’s my lack of sleep and exercise, but could also be diet- I’ve been eating lots of eggs since moving to Ethiopia.

(Update: I think my scars are fading. Been using lemon juice every night as a natural skin lightener)

Loving: Been quite the grumpy cat lately. Not sure what I’m loving.

(Update: still quite grumpy/ low)

Hoping: my next project is in South Africa. Then Nigeria so that I can explore West Africa. First up will be Ghana, then Senegal.

(Update: I need to start having those conversations with my employer)

Marveling: at how much I’ve grown. It’s been about 6 months on my job and I’ve honestly grown so much. I can only imagine how much better I’m going to get over the year. I’m thinking more about how to solve problems, being more proactive, more confident, better at finding a balance between work and life. I’ve obviously got development areas, but I’m feeling pretty good overall and I can honestly say I’m part of the best company on the planet. Ok, that sounds super cultic, but yeah, it’s a pretty cool company

(Update: I had great feedback from my supervisor yesterday. The only way is up!)

Needing: restaurants to be more veg friendly. *eyeroll*

Smelling: hand sanitiser that reminds of my past. I associate it with Cape Town 2014/2015. Some good times too.

Wearing: YSL Black Opium but I think it might be too sexy for work.

Following: the following Instagram pages recently (ish)

Noticing: I’ve been getting quite ill lately. Getting super nauseous, got the shits, catching colds all the time, headaches etc. I think I need to take better care of myself

(Update: Been ok for the past 3 weeks. Save for period cramps from Satan himself)

Knowing: that I need to face how I actually feel. Like deep deep deep down. I need to be in touch with myself, and think about how I’m really doing, instead of just going through life’s motions. I’ve got the tendency to get really down, but my coping mechanism is usually to ignore the problem and bear it out till it’s over. We all know this is not sustainable and results in breakdowns down the line. This was brought to light this past weekend when I was home and having a deep conversation with my mum. She asked me how I’m REALLY doing and I totally broke down. I’m talking messy messy messy waterworks. Haha. So yeah, I need to work on that. And I suspect most of you do too.

Thinking: to go on a gorilla trek in Rwanda next month. It’s hella expensive but is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and contributes towards the conservation of mountain gorillas. Anyone done a gorilla trek? Where? Uganda? Rwanda? DRC?

(Update: I bit the bullet and paid for my gorilla trek in Rwanda! So so so excited)

Feeling: excited to be going to Lagos next week! That is my home office and I have been away for over 6 months. It’s going to be such a good time! I can feel it.

(Update: Lagos was such a good time. See my instagram for some pics)

Bookmarking: Excel articles.

Opening: PowerPoint- life of a consultant



Lots of love friends.

10 thoughts on “Taking Stock Q2 2017

  1. Rachael@safari254 says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go for the gorilla trek. I hope you’ll write about it. All the best with adulting and facing your feelings, life is tough so reach out to those who love you and want to be there for you.

    1. Whispery Wind says:

      Awww. Thanks Rachel! It’s true that it’s really important to reach out to the ones that matter. Otherwise life is a quagmire that can easily swallow you. Rooting for you at the BAKE awards! Put my vote in. 🙂

  2. ImaniSkyes says:

    Happy to read your life updates! I feel we are riding the same wave right now.
    Yo! I’m also into Lianne la Havas lately! I had listened to Blood when it came out and wasn’t feeling it until I listed to it again JUST recently. She currently owns me along now with Bon Iver which was random af. Lost in the World has been my alarm clock these past few mornings.

    I want to recommend to you The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. He has gotten me through it!!

    1. Whispery Wind says:

      Abiiiii! Love your comment! Girl, Bon Iver has been owning me too! Put them on the shelf for a bit, maybe it’s time to go back? Because Justin is Bae. I’ll check out The Prophet. 😘❤️❤️

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