Brunch at Mimi’s, Cape Town (vlog)

If you watched my last vlog (which you should have!), you know that I am currently in South Africa. My visit to South Africa was very rushed, almost impromptu. So I decided to not tell my sister I was coming (she lives in Cape Town) and just appear in her house. I even liaised with one of her house-mates, it was a foolproof plan! My entire family knew that it was a surprise and everyone kept their mouths shut. Except my dad! Everything was going great up until 2 hours to my arrival when he called my sister and told her EVERYTHING! Can you believe? I still don’t understand why he did it. But basically, the surprise was such a fail. LOL. Watch the vlog to see how it went down. I was hysterical!

My first weekend saw me brunch with my sister and her flat-mates at a cute little cafe in Cape Town’s Observatory suburb; fondly known as Obz to locals and residents. Mimi’s is located on Obz’ popular Lower Main Road, home to several vintage stores, book shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.


Lower Main Road, Observatory


Mimi’s has a whimsical feel. Bright pink wooden chairs, shelves of books, old upright piano, vintage cookie tins and a small loft seating area. It’s a lovely place to come and do some work over a cup of tea or coffee, read a book, or meet a friend. There is free WiFi too.

bright and bold
rustic lights
ladder to loft
quaint setup

Food and drinks

  • Their portions for both food and drink are extremely generous.
  • Three of us had chicken, lamb and ostrich burgers, and one had a sandwich. I tried the burgers and the patties were thick and juicy, oozing with flavour. The ostrich patty was particularly great.
  • The other girls also had fruit juice which was squeezed on order and looked and smelled deliciously fresh.
  • I had the vegetable soup served with toasted ciabatta. The soup was full and flavourful with pulses, carrots and onions. It was really well seasoned. For drink, I had a pot of green tea with lemon. I know, such granny choices! LOL. I had a flu.
  • The presentation of food was fun and funky, with big burgers against large bright purple plates.
Chicken burger
Chicken sandwich
Vegetable soup
Ostrich burger
Green tea


There’s something for everyone. They serve burgers, sandwiches, wraps, soups and pasta bowls. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and have daily specials that are not only well priced, but delectable too.



Our waiter was such a sweetheart. I wish I got his name. He was attentive and kind.

Value for money

10 over 10! It cost us on average R80 per person for both food and drink. In KES, this is about KES 600 (6USD) per person for food and drink! I’d forgotten what a joy the Cape Town eating scene is with perfect experiences and good prices. Of course there are more expensive establishments around, but coming back just reminded me that the Nairobi dining scene is quite over-priced; which leads to exclusion, and this is sad.

Once again, thanks for faithfully stopping by this my internet home! 

Love and love


Old buildings on Lower Main Road


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