Review: Caribea bar and restaurant

My honest apologies for not putting up a post/ vlog last week. I was having the craziest week, but I’m here now!

I visited Caribea Bar and Restaurant slightly over a week ago for my friend’s birthday lunch. Remember to see the vlog.

Here are a few things about Caribea…


Caribea has plenty of garden seating which is nice, light and airy; perfect for a sunny day. It has a relaxed casual-dining vibe. There are wooden bandas for added privacy and there’s indoor seating for intimate romantic dinners. The grass is neatly trimmed and the plants lush and well-watered.

Indoors, you can see framed witty quotes, wooden slide windows and a wooden carved ship as a converstion-piece.

Framed quotes
Carved ship
Barrel table
Outdoor seating

Food and Drinks

The food was great! Generous servings and very flavourful.

  • I had the ‘Methi Chaman’ which is a vegetable curry with fenugreek leaves and cottage cheese.
  • Jean had the chicken wings which were perfectly seasoned with simple salt and pepper. Crunchy exterior, succulent interior.
  • Julie had the achari chicken tikka which tasted as good as it looked.
  • I enjoyed my virgin mojito as well.
Methi chaman
Chicken wings
Achari chicken
Virgin mojito


The menu is largely Indian with few continental items like chicken wings for starters. Being Indian means it is vegetarian friendly. They also have koroga options, where you can cook your own food.PhotoGrid_1473075752499


The service was wanting! The food and drinks took forever to come out and the waiter, Mulwa, would abandon us and only attend to us when we called on him. He was neither attentive nor swift.

The shisha guy, however, deserves much praise. He was attentive, replacing coal and flavour promptly.

Value for money

I would say it is averagely priced. Cocktails go for about KES600 and sodas for KES 100. Main meals cost anything between KES 800-1200 and the shisha is quite cheap, at KES 800!PhotoGrid_1473075777139

Thanks for reading, and check out my vlog below. 🙂

Love and light



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