Monday Musings: How I cope with stress

I spent this past weekend out of town and had some time for self-reflection and contemplation. This year has been quite tough for me. It’s been curve-balls and shut doors, and I have needed patience like never before. After getting my work permit denied, I’ve been in a sort of limbo, not knowing what my next steps should be. It’s been a long period of anxiety and spells of immense sadness and borderline despair. I won’t get into it too much, but I will share the lessons I’ve learned; as cliche as they might sound.

1. Be ready for the worst
When I first applied for my work permit, I took its issuing for granted. I ‘knew’ I would get the work permit and soon be on my way to start my career. Then people around me started getting work permit denials and I started to prepare myself psychologically for the possibility of denial. When I got the letter of denial, I was quite unfazed.

2. If you can do something about it, do. If you can’t, don’t stress
When you’ve done all there is to do, do not stress about it. If there is something you can do about the situation, by all means do it. e.g. study for an exam as best as you can, and once you have, let go. There’s no point stressing over situations that you can’t control, especially when you’ve done all you can.

3. Have a plan B
It helps to have plans to fall back on when your first option falls through.

4. Hold onto something
It is important to have a higher hope and power to hold onto in weakness. For me this is God. When it all seems bleak, I read the Bible and find strength or cry out to him in prayer. Then I trust that however hopeless it may seem in the moment, something will open up.

5. Find distractions
During long periods of waiting, distractions are crucial. For me, it is part-time work for my mom. Keeping busy takes your mind off a stressful situation.

Have a happy Monday! 

Here’s the vlog from the previous weekend when I went to Giraffe Centre with some girlfriends, then later to Marula Mercantile for food.

Nothing but love your way.


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: How I cope with stress

  1. bitemeupke says:

    I’ve been in similar situations and I have learnt to trust God’s timing. It is not easy, but once you do, you appreciate the fact that He has bigger plans for you, bigger than you would have ever imagined. Stay encouraged! 🙂

  2. wahomej says:

    It’s a disconnect between our dreams and reality. In the end and with hope everything works out as it should. Stay positive.

  3. Mumbi Shokey ( says:

    I may not understand how it feels to have a work permit denied.However I haven’t got the job I want since moving to Aussie.It’s taught me to wait on God because His plans are better than our dreams.Things will unfold eventually.Just keep praying and waiting,but work towards it until you get it.


  4. Shi says:

    ‘And in time, I’ll let you in on everything I’m planning. When it’s time, I’ll let you see everything you’re asking me. When it’s time, you will know why there are things I’m hiding from you. But I’m gonna satisfy everything in the meantime.’

    Jess Ray – In the meantime

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