Dining at Marula: How I saved KES1500

On Monday I talked about how much I loved Marula Mercantile. I’d met a friend for brunch, and that evening I dragged my dad and sister there for dinner. A few days later, I dragged my girlfriends there as well. It’s becoming a habit.

I won’t get into reviewing it as I did that in this post. Let’s maybe just talk about the night-time ambience. It makes for the perfect casual dining spot. Dimly lit, it has the vibe of a gastropub, with a beautiful bar and TV screen in one corner for sports fanatics. They also light a fire at night, which adds to the warmth and cosiness. In my head, this place is perfect not for a first date, but for hanging with someone that you are comfortable with: partner, sibling or girlfriends.

Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (10)
Dim lights
Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (2)
Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (9)
Pub vibe

Marula Mercantile is one of the places in Nairobi that offer DisCoucher deals. Here, for every main course that you order, you get one appetizer free. We went for the spicy prawns and pork sausages since we had two vouchers. The prawns cost KES 950 and the sausages KES 650.

Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (8)
Appetizer: Chilli prawns
Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (7)
Appetizer: Pork sausages with roasted peppers, mustard and grilled bread
Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (6)
Main: Mercantile burger (onion jam, bibb lettuce, house bacon and crispy fries)
Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (4)
Main: Beef fillet with creamy spinach and potato wedges
Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (5)
Main: Herbed half spring chicken with caramelised carrots and baby potatoes

With the vouchers, we got a total of KES 1500 slashed off our total bill. DisCoucher usually retails at KES 2000, which is a bargain for the savings that you can make with it. But I’ve had a link where you can buy it for half-price at only KES 1000! Buy DisCoucher for KES 1000, save KES 1500 on one night of dinner. Do the math!

Thanks to everyone that has ordered their books through my link. Today is the last day for you to order your DisCoucher for half price using my unique link. Get on it. 😀

Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi (3)
My DisCoucher book of discount coupons


Our total bill came to KES 8600

Savings with DisCoucher: KES1500

Bill payable: KES 7100

Marula Mercantile has great food and I would totally recommend them. Thanks for reading! Marula Mercantile Dinner Nairobi

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