Ice skating in the sun (DisCoucher @50%)

Winter sports and an equatorial country would not usually be mentioned in the same breath. Well, in this post, they are. Voluntarily subjecting oneself to single-digit-degree temperatures makes perfect sense when you need some cooling from the blistering Kenyan sun. Despite currently being in the sort-of-cold season, Nairobi occasionally throws some hot days our way, and everybody knows that ice-skating cools what an ice-cream cone can’t. Thank God for DisCoucher , because if nothing else, it has helped me partake in activities I otherwise wouldn’t. For example, I last went ice skating about 5 years ago. But with the buy 2 get 1 free deal at the Solar Ice Rink, I knew it was time to gather some loved ones and hit the ice. Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (9)

Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (4)

Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (8)

Where: Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa road

How much: Tickets cost KES 800 for adults for a 1-hour session. Children pay KES 500 for the same.

When: The sessions run at set times every other hour. 11am-12noon, 1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm, 5pm-6pm, 7pm-8pm, 9pm-10pm.

Extras: They have a few arcade games that you can play in between skating sessions.

Fun fact: Kenya’s Solar Ice Rink is the largest ice rink in Africa! (Apparently)

Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (5)

I honestly do not know how ice-hockey players and figure skaters do it! I used to roller-skate when I was little so I thought I had this ice-skating thing in the bag. WRONG! I fell 3 times and struggled to maintain my balance. It was still a lot of fun! You just have to be comfortable with falling, then you get the hang of it.

(My sister captured my epic fall on the vlog which you should totally watch.)Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating

Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (2)

Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (10)


Total bill: KES 2400

Savings with DisCoucher: KES 800

Bill payable: KES 1600

Remember that till Thursday, you can get your DisCoucher here for 50% the normal retail price. i.e. only KES 1000. Payment is done easily online and delivery is free. 🙂 Get it today to start enjoying tonnes of discounts around town.

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Solar Ice Rink Panari Nairobi Skating (7)


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