What’s Up?!

¿Qué pasa?


That’s “What’s up” in Spanish. It is also the name of at least one bar and/ or restaurant in pretty much every country!

¿Qué pasa? bar and bistro in Karen, Nairobi, is one of the restaurants that you can get a deal on with DisCoucher. I visited for a quick lunch with a friend some time. It’s hard to pass on 2 for 1 pizzas!


With DisCoucher, you order any pizza and select from 5 special ones to have free. We went for a meaty pizza (can’t remember its name!) and got the Mexicano (minced meat, peppers, onions and green chillies) free. The bill came to about 3000 KES including drinks, but thanks to DisCoucher, we got KES 1000 off!

DisCoucher_Que_Pasa_Nairobi_Kenya (2)

You can get your DisCoucher for 50% off here. For the next week, you only need to pay  KES 1000 for this book of big discounts and start making savings today. So far, I’ve saved KES4850 using my book, and I’ll continue to share with you. The vouchers work! It is not a gimmick. It’s 100% legit. And you need not worry about delivery because it is free.


Total bill: KES 3000

Savings with DisCoucher: KES 1000

Bill payable: KES 2000

 This is a bonus post since I usually post on Mondays. I couldn’t keep quiet about it!

Thanks for reading.

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