Saving with DisCoucher

If you, like me, enjoy a good bargain, I have just the investment for you. The lovely people at DisCoucher hit me up with their amazing product, a first for Kenya. It is a book of discount vouchers to Kenya’s finest bars, restaurants, hotels and spas

Here’s how it works. You purchase the book for only KES 2000 and enjoy exclusive discounts at various partner outlets. The book is valid for 12 months so you don’t have to worry about rushing to use your vouchers in a small space of time.


The other day, I went to Tin Roof Cafe at the Souk with my sister. I used my voucher to claim “one main meal free” and saved KES 1100! Just by visiting one cafe, I had made more than half my investment back! The thing is, I eat out quite often anyway. Therefore, that I can make savings with DisCoucher while at it, is a major win for me.

You could always split the investment of KES2000 with a friend if you think it’s too steep. I feel you, #StudentBudget. But I can promise you that you will more than make your money back in savings with this book. I’ve used my vouchers a few times, and in the following weeks, check out the DisCoucher blog, because they will be featuring real life people like you and me that have used their vouchers and made real savings.

DisCoucher 2


Before you leave, I want to give one free voucher to Tin Roof Cafe. It is a buy one, get one free main meal voucher redeemable at either one of the Tin Roof cafes. They serve fresh and healthy wholesome food. You will love it. 


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I’ll pick a winner on Sunday June 26.



If you want to purchase a DisCoucher book, please follow this link.