Nairobi Burger Festival!

Every food blogger out there has had a post expressing immense excitement and anticipation for the Nairobi Burger Festival. I’m a little late! The food festival, the first of its kind, began on May 30 and runs till June 5. Foodies get to have 2 for 1 offers on burgers and beers at participating restaurants across the city. From KFC, to Urban Gourmet Burgers, to fancy schmancy Fairmont the Norfolk Hotel. There’s something for every tastebud and pocket.

I’ve visited two participating restaurants so far: Monikos Kitchen and Art Caffe Karen. I’m dying to try out Mama’s Rocks burgers but it’s so far from where I live. 😦

2 for 1 specials are great because everybody loves a good deal! Be careful though, because some restaurants seem to force every visitor to order each a burger. e.g. 2 people go on a date, they aren’t allowed to order just one burger and get one free, resulting in 2 burgers (1 per person). Instead, they are required to each order a burger and each get one free. Meaning they end up with 4 burgers for 2 people and really haven’t enjoyed any bargain and are now stuck with too many burgers! Be careful to clarify with your waitress/waiter. I hear News Cafe was one such culprit, NOT COOL! What is the point of the BOGOF then? Thankfully, I didn’t have such bad luck at Monikos and Art Caffe.

Lamb Burger- Monikos Kitchen
Texas- Art Caffe
French Connection- Art Caffe

All you need to do to enjoy the #BurgerFest offer is download a free pass here (most restaurants won’t even ask). One pass is all that’s required for everyone in the group to enjoy the deal. Present the pass to your waitron and enjoy! Ask if they also have the offer on beer as not all participating restaurants do.


Love, Light and Happiness.

17 thoughts on “Nairobi Burger Festival!

  1. Bujabs says:

    DAAAAAAAMN; Them plates look savory, magical, delicioux, (Or so they look) indeed…looking good never looked so good.! Makes me hunger for them burgers. You are killing me whispery wind.

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