City Giraffe Haven

Not many cities in the world can boast a national park. Not many can boast an animal orphanage, giraffe, elephant and rhino sanctuary either. Not many can boast a forest just outside the CBD, and not many can boast a safari walk. But Nairobi can. It does.

Have you ever kissed a giraffe? Or got kissed by one? Have you ever hand fed a giraffe? Have you ever petted one?giraffe-centre-nairobi-kenya-11

GOOD NEWS: If you live in (or visit) Nairobi, you can! In my opinion, giraffes are some of the most incredible animals in the world! They are freakishly tall (their babies are born at 7 ft tall). They have beautiful and unique reticular patterns on their skin. They are terribly strong too! Their kick is powerful enough to decapitate a lion and their tongue is half a metre long… I could go on. The giraffe fun facts are endless!

Late last year, mum, dad, Shi and I took a trip to the nearby Giraffe Centre. I know, I know. Here she comes with another overdue post. Don’t hate, APPRECIATE!


Africa Fund for Endangered Wildlife- Giraffe Centre

  • It is the world’s largest Rothschild giraffe breeding ground. Have a guide give you a history of the sanctuary as well as fun biological facts. Remember to tip!
  • Educational trips for schools and private institutions can be organised ahead of time.
  • There’s an opulent boutique hotel adjacent to Giraffe Centre in which you can dine with giraffes. It is called the Giraffe Manor and was the conservancy founders’ home.
  • There’s also a nature trail next door where you can saunter through flora to the music of birds and flowing streams.


Duma road, Karen, Nairobi.
Use a taxi/Uber or a Karen 24 Citi Hoppa Bus from KenCom (CBD) to Hardy. Tell the conductor that you’ll be getting off at Giraffe Centre.


Open all year round, including weekends and public holidays from 9am to 5pm.

How much?

Resident adults: Ksh 250
Resident children: Ksh 50

Non-resident adults: Ksh 1000
Non-resident children: Ksh 500

Love is…
Warthogs are welcome too
No need for tissue on this side of town
Top view
Giraffe Manor
Nature trail
Nature saunter
🎶Chasin’ waterfalls🎶

In the next month, I challenge you to visit the Giraffe Centre. By doing so you directly contribute to this stunning animal’s conservation. In an age of environmental degradation and species extinction, conservation is paramount; for us and the future.

🎶 My lips like sugar 🎶

Contact them below.


Telephone: +254 (0)20-8070804

Cell phone: +254-(0)734-890952/(0)723-786165


Postal: P.O.Box 15124-00509 Nairobi, Kenya.


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