Makeup Games

I’m not a makeup expert, at all! But I do like to play with it every once in a while. Or cake my face when I have an event to go to. When I’m bored, I sometimes try out new techniques that I’ve learned from YouTube. This was one such day, a few months ago.

I’ve debated with myself about putting this video up. For one, I did not film myself for purposes of blogging. Secondly, the internet is cruel and I was afraid of people nitpicking my video. Thirdly, I don’t have the fanciest products or makeup experience. But it’s going up anyway, because I liked the final look. It was nice and natural.

Does anyone else out there have monolid eyes? I struggle with mine! I can’t get a winged liner right, and I barely have any lid space to play around with eye shadows. I even bought some double eyelid tape to help my eyelid situation while in Thailand. Not sure where I misplaced it!

After wearing the makeup, I wore a headwrap (demo in the video) and took a couple of pictures both indoors with diffused light, and outdoors with more harsh lighting. I liked the outcome of both.

Check out the pictures (unedited!) and the video to see how I went about getting this natural glowy look. Please remember, I am not a professional.

Hello highlight! 🙂
Eyebrows on fleek.
Side eye
Hey there!

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for reading.

Let me know your honest thoughts. 🙂 I think I can take it.

Love and Light.  

Stay bright!

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