La Cascina

La Cascina is a little Italian restaurant located at the new mall, The Hub, in Karen. ‘Cascina’ means a typical Italian country house. I came here with a friend for quick breakfast about two weeks ago, and am already dying to go back. La Cascina could become a habit! It really could. It’s so cute with the largest portions ever. EVER.


It has an indoor seating area, which I did not bother checking out because the weather was glorious, and opted for the outdoor seating in the patio. This faces the courtyard, which is reminiscent of Europe; cobblestone and all. Inside there is a pastry counter and gelateria.

You want to know what the way to my heart is? Fresh flowers. A simple centre-piece of freshly picked roses is never a bad idea, as La Cascina clearly knows.

I would love to experience this restaurant at night.



Service was decent. My food came out quite fast. I wouldn’t say that our waiter was the friendliest, but he got his job done.

Food and Drinks

I had the Full English Breakfast which was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I could ever finish. I liked that they gave an assortment of breads.PhotoGrid_1460116510970

For my drink, I ordered ‘Dawa’. Every Kenyan knows that dawa cures everything. Dawa, Swahili for ‘medicine’, is a hot tonic of honey, lemon, ginger and occasionally garlic, cayenne pepper and turmeric.


They have a breakfast menu, as well as lunch/dinner. They have daily specials; always welcome. Their specialty is Italian cuisine; pizzas, pasta and creamy seafood plates are the order of day.

I didn’t pay attention to their wines list and other drinks menu because we were there for breakfast; maybe next time.PhotoGrid_1460116527712


My breakfast was sh850 (I think). Main meals go for 600-1200. Great value for money.

Check out La Cascina and let me know if you liked it as much as I did!

Love and Love



Tell me what you think in the comment section. :)

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