Beetroot, 3 cool ways!

Beetroot. Bleugh! Right?


I’ll show you why.

1. Pink cupcake frosting (without the nasty artificial colourants)

Get a good vanilla frosting recipe. After you’ve beaten the cream and it’s almost perfectly nice and fluffy, grate very little beetroot (about ¼ teaspoon), and add it slowly to the cream and beat till the colour stains the cream uniformly. For a deeper fuschia-type-shade-of-pink, add more beetroot slowly while measuring how deep you want the hue.


Decorate with thin slices of beet.


2. Deep curries

Blend/puree one or two tomatoes with a little beetroot (about 2/3 to 1 tablespoon). Do not use too much beet as the flavor can get overbearing and the colour is pretty potent. Add in your beet/tomato mix after you’ve fried your onion/ginger/garlic base and let it simmer under high heat, revealing a beautiful deep colour. PhotoGrid_1459886301323

You can add turmeric to make it a bit more orange and add other spices of your choice.


3. Pink lemonade

Grate very little beetroot (1/4 teaspoon) and add it to your lemonade and shake, to give it a nice pink colour. Great for summer.PhotoGrid_1459886598090

You can use beetroot powder to make red velvet cake, add colour to your smoothies and into your salads too. It’s an endless world of beet-possibilities!

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