Taking Stock: Q2 2016

Already into the second quarter of the year? *panics*

PS: I wrote this on Friday (April 1) and Saturday (April 2) evening, so it’s not that current anymore. It’s now Monday (April 4).


Making: plans to travel to Uganda. And if I keep procrastinating like I have been, I will find myself not having gone.

Cooking: soon baking chocolate cupcakes with Ivy. Check out her amazing blog here!

Drinking: Arabica from Ethiopia. No sugar, no milk.

Reading: C.S. Lewis‘ biography. He was a Christian apologetic and the creator of Narnia, which we all love, now don’t we.

Wanting: A free trip to Zanzibar and/or Lamu.

Playing:  Rihanna’s old music. I’m also hoping she puts up a show for her ANTI Tour in South Africa and fingers crossed that I’ll make it.

Wasting: Perfume! I got a new perfume just before I left South Africa and I’ve been spraying it without reservation and now I’m starting to panic that it’s running low.

Sewing: Pass. Can we hold a caucus to discuss the (ir)relevance of this section?

Wishing: I could find the willpower to start running again. I was pretty disciplined in the two weeks leading up to the First Lady’s Half Marathon, but after that, I completely hang up my boots running shoes.

Enjoying: the rain! Can we all have a moment to thank God for the rain? Seriously. This country was turning into a desert.

Liking:  what a lovely past few days I’ve had with my friend. Can we rewind?

Wondering: who I’ll marry. Seriously. Have I met them already? How tall are they? What do they look like? What are their interests? What makes them smile?

Loving: that I can finally wear knitwear, light fires, drink lots of tea and bundle up with this rain.

Hoping: my work permit comes out in good time so that I can start work and make that paper. Haha. Jokes. But I’m super excited about starting work; new city, new people, lots of challenges, a lot of learning…

Marveling: at how easy it is to connect with some people. You meet and hit it off like you’ve always known each other. And on the flip side, some people we just can’t get along with. It’s amazing, the spectrum of different personalities, all a combination of a myriad of traits.

Needing: a chiropractor to work on my neck and back. I’ve been having so much stiffness and tension.

Smelling: Rain coming. Also a little fragrance from a plum-and-almond-pie-flavoured candle I burned yesterday.

Wearing: a dira with a sweater over it because it’s a little chilly. Nothing exciting.

Following: I think I’ll be sharing some of my favourite instagrammers in this section.

  • @benorkin- 17 year old bombass baker and cook from Cape Town.
  • @feralcreature-an LA-based fashionista and creative.
  • @nyanelebajoa- the pink and rosegold queen. I’m not even sure what she does, but her feed is so beautiful.
  • @velmarossa- also not sure what she does. She’s a creative with amazing style. And Kenyan!
  • @thegeekiptoo- Kenyan with great portraits and street/city photography.

Noticing: that our dogs are getting old. They’re over six years and soon they’ll be haggard and slow.

Knowing: that I am a serial procrastinator and I need to seriously work on that or risk missing out on great opportunities. I don’t know how to tell myself to do something now or urgently, when I think I could do it tomorrow, or next week, or next year!

How do you ward off procrastination? I could use some tips.

Thinking: about how lucky I am to have good people around me. People that don’t just think about partying and drinking but people with whom I can have conversations about religion, tradition, careers etc, and feel fulfilled.

Feeling: a little sick. Like I have a cold coming. Sore throat and stuffy nose. 😦

Bookmarking: Uganda travel pages.

Opening: Dropbox to share some images.

Giggling: at this video that Ivy showed me. Hands up if you’ve made your boyfriend, sister, brother or friend an Instagram Husband!

Have a lovely new week and 2nd quarter of 2016. Make the most of everything. Life is fleeting.


8 thoughts on “Taking Stock: Q2 2016

  1. Africa's Travelling Seed says:

    Favourite Taking Stock post to date 😁 I have smiled and laughed and can’t wait for the Winter edition 🤗

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