Urban Gourmet Burgers

Have you been to Westgate Mall since it reopened after the attack? No? You should. I think it’s a powerful statement Kenyans and Kenyan residents are making in choosing to return to Westgate. Whether as tenants or shoppers, returning shows that we will not let terrorism scare us, we are unbowed and will support the Kenyan economy.

I caught a movie at Westgate with a friend this past Wednesday. To be honest, the only reason we went all the way to Westgate was because Wednesdays come with a movie+burger offer. Who can say no to a good offer? Not me!


The deal is this: buy a movie ticket at Planet Media at Ksh900 per person, and get a burger from Urban Gourmet Burgers! The burgers come with an accompaniment as well; onion rings and/or chips. They are located on the 2nd floor of Westgate, and you can choose to have your burger before or after your movie. Here’s my quick review.

Food (4/5)
When I got home, mum asked me how the burgers were. I had no words. I really didn’t.

The burgers, they were brilliant.  I had the ‘Asian’, medium rare. It was perfectly succulent. The onion rings were such a treat and the chips were an impeccable balance of skinny, soft and crispy. I found my burger to barely have any mushrooms, which was disappointing as that was one of the reasons I ordered it. It was still a really good burger though. So 4 stars for that. Only because of the mushroom issue. Darn nearly gave them 5 stars there.PhotoGrid_1455866534999


I also tasted my mate’s burger, which was the ‘Texas’, I think. YUM! Bacon and beef, a heart attack yes, but a good one!PhotoGrid_1455866419737

Service (4/5)
We had an attentive waitress. The staff were generally friendly. The food came in good time and orders were correct.

Ambience (3/5)
The restaurant is set up somewhat in a diner-style. There’s not much to say about the ambience really, but there’s a slightly rustic feel to it.

Menu (3/5)
Adequate selection of burgers although (as a former vegetarian) I think they should increase their vegetarian options. Maybe even throw in a vegan burger in there. If you’re a gourmet burger joint, you might as well, y’know?


There were several drink options like wine, cocktails, juices, hot beverages etc.

I had the house red wine, which was a merlot that was no good.PhotoGrid_1455866693334PhotoGrid_1455866617995

Would I go back to Urban Gourmet Burgers? YES! I would run back there.


Thank you for reading always. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Urban Gourmet Burgers

  1. muthonimiricho says:

    Urban Gourmet Burgers is everything!I love the decor and deserts as well…I’ve been dying to try their burgers out, I guess I’m just gonna take the Wednesday offer.It’s a win- win!

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