NRW 2016 Review: Larder

Who knew that there was a Radisson Blu in Nairobi? Not this girl!
My second night at Nairobi Restaurant Week (read about my first here) took me to Larder Restaurant and Terrace at the Radisson Blu, Nairobi. It was for a girls night out and I enjoyed every bit! Let’s get down and dirty, shall we?


Ambience and Décor: The interior design displays fine and exquisite taste, although I wouldn’t expect any less from a Radisson Blu hotel. Attention has been paid to detail in every aspect and the terrace is beautifully lit.

The only down side is that the terrace overlooks nothing. Well, there is a lawn, but in the dark, there really isn’t a view. I reckon it would be nice if it overlooked a nicely lit pool. But those are details.PhotoGrid_1455204963265PhotoGrid_1455205008299


Menu: This was a 5 course menu. I wish I’d taken notes of the menu, but it had an amuse bouche, starter, mesmerize, main and dessert. I’m not sure what kind of cuisine Larder specializes in, but they seemed to have a good mix in there. Likely continental/ Western, multi-cuisine, I don’t know. PhotoGrid_1455205222801

Food: The presentation was great! 🙂 I really have no complaints!

i) My favourite piece of the amuse bouche ensemble was the slice of duck with teriyaki glaze sprouts. I loved the tangy pickled sprouts and I think teriyaki glaze provided a nice sweet contrast.

ii) My cream of pumpkin soup was lovely, but the coconut milk essence was too mild for my liking. Also, I would have liked more shrimp! Haha.

iii) My salmon was perfectly seared and the infusion of lemon complemented it. LOVED IT.

iv) The mesmerize was… well, mesmerizing! To my taste buds at least. Who knew Amarula and Kenyan chai would blend so beautifully.

v) I would say the most interesting course was the dessert. Its flavours: sesame seeds, coffee mousse and passion fruit, were so heavily layered, that my taste buds were confused. But by the time I was done, I realized that I just had a party in my mouth. Everything came together so beautifully in the end; sort of like a final cadence in an orchestral performance.

i) amuse bouche: brioche, crisp roasted duck and pickled sprouts, and prawn popper
pickled mung sprouts on duck
ii) starter: cream of pumpkin soup with coconut and shrimp
iii) mesmerize: Amarula with Kenyan chai
iv) main: seared salmon infused with lemon and served with mash
v) dessert: can’t remember the description. LOL. But it had sesame seeds, passion fruit and a mousse

Drinks: They have an elaborate wines list and drinks menu. Chilean, South African, Italian, even Kenyan wines are on there! There’s a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; something for everyone.PhotoGrid_1455205255261PhotoGrid_1455205492824

Service: The service was good. Our waiter, Davis, had a sense of humour; always welcome! When one of my girls came in later than the rest of us, Davis rushed her food so that she could catch up with us. (We were on the second course when she arrived). He brought the courses one after another, well spaced out. Although we had to ask him to delay dessert because we were way too stuffed!

The manager (I think) also came around once to check up on us.

Final thoughts:

  • I’m honestly not sure why Larder doesn’t have the greatest reviews on the Eat Out Kenya site. I really loved it. Literally no complaints.
  • I don’t think it is particularly family-friendly, but that’s alright for me. Hehe.
  • I think it is more on the fine-dining end of the spectrum than casual dining; but not too extreme.
  • I also don’t think I could afford Larder in my current financial state. I am a graduate that hasn’t started working and am currently 100% a dependent. Therefore, we thank the heavens for Nairobi Restaurant Week!

Would I run back to Larder? YES! Once I’m on a payroll.


Thanks for reading friends! 🙂

10 thoughts on “NRW 2016 Review: Larder

  1. ivyonamibrooks says:

    Love it! I wish I had a chance to go to the Larder, the food looked great. I was sold at 5 course menu 😀 More vlogs please

  2. Olive says:

    I can’t believe we passed on Larder. We went to Lord Errol which was a waste of money!!! need to try out Larder soon.
    You guys look great.

  3. Edith M. says:

    Perfect description of everything Nelly!!!! Its unfair to my stomach to read and look at such pictures of food. Also, if Kenyan Chai is ‘tea tea’, 😀 I’m still wondering how it can blend with Amarula but oh well..

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