Taking Stock: Summer 2016

A quarter of a year has passed since my last Taking Stock post already? I can’t even deal with how fast time is moving. Soon I’ll be retired and having my grandchildren over for weekends! It’s ridiculous.

(Edit: I typed this last night, and was going to publish it today. Then I saw that Sharon of This is Ess also published hers today. Now I look pathetic. LOL)

Making: supper.

Cooking: supper. Tonight it’s fried bananas, chicken and spinach.

Drinking: Hibiscus tea. Apparently it’s good for iron and I’m severely anaemic. Have I told you how I’m back on meat because of that? No? Well, story for another day.

Reading: I’ve started so many books and not gotten far. It’s shameful really.

1. Eight Days in September: The Removal of Thabo Mbeki
Book by Frank Chikane

2. A Short History of Nearly Everything
Book by Bill Bryson
3. Cell Phones and The Dark Deception: Find Out What You’re Not Being Told
Book by Carleigh Cooper

Wanting: to deactivate Snapchat, again!

Playing:  Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream album. Also, recently played 30 seconds (the South African version) with my parents, and it might soon become after-supper tradition. 30 seconds is one of my favourite games. 🙂

Wasting: Nothing, I think. I hope.

Sewing: after eternity of having this section blank, I finally have something I’m (going to start) sewing! I want to start sewing some jeans I got from mum. They were hers and she gave them to me, but they are bootleg jeans. Who wears bootleg jeans? Certainly not me and my short curvy self. So a sewing DIY will be in order.

Wishing: things would fall into place with my work permit situation.

Enjoying: the convenience of being home. 🙂

Liking:  today’s rain. Nairobi had started to scorch like it usually does in January; so the rain we saw today was most welcome!

Wondering: why people don’t reply emails. So rude.

Loving: affordable fresh produce in abundance!

Hoping: that I get a reply from those emails I spoke about earlier. SOON.

Marveling: at how manipulative our dogs are. They’ll stand in the kitchen door while you’re cooking, with the cutest eyes, licking their lips, begging for food. You can’t ignore them! So you toss them some chicken skin or something. EVERY TIME. Even when you’re conscious about it.

Needing: to travel again, soon!

Smelling: a mix of Body Shop’s Moringa body perfume, and Emporio Armani’s Diamonds Violet.

Wearing: All grey. Didn’t even notice till just now!

Following: needing to discover new people to follow; on instagram, blogs etc.

Noticing: that my room gets really dusty, really quickly. It’s actually quite annoying.

Knowing: I am loved. I am capable. I can do anything. I am destined for greatness. I am beautiful (even when my toxic mind tells me otherwise). I am enough.

Thinking: about how difficult it is to be an adult.

Feeling: frustrated. I went to the police station today to get some copies of documents certified/authenticated and they looked at me like I was talking about this strange concept. I’m pretty sure police are authorised to certify documents, so I suspect they wanted a bribe. For doing their friggen job! Lord.

Bookmarking: This article

Opening: the kettle, to fill it up with water for MORE hibiscus tea.

Giggling: THIS…

Please don't judge me!
Please don’t judge me! (source)

Love and Love. And more LOVE!

8 thoughts on “Taking Stock: Summer 2016

  1. Watetu says:

    I just read Thisisess then i thought to myself why hasn’t Whisperywind published hers..am happy you did the same time, they sort of motivate me, weird i know !

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