Cape gems: Naval Museum

I am so over my Cape Town posts. For real. I just want to be done with the backlog so that I can get into the South East Asia ones. Hopefully this is one of the last.

I wish I could tell you what I learned at the South African Naval Museum; but I can’t. I’m not good with history, you see. I just remember seeing cool weapons, pictures, old navy uniforms. And it was free. That’s important; FREE!



It also helps that the naval museum is situated in Simon’s Town, which is a pretty town with beaches, penguins and the coolest vintage stores. Since I can’t tell you much, here are some pics. You could always search the web for more. šŸ™‚

PhotoGrid_1451917264778 PhotoGrid_1451917201065 PhotoGrid_1451822217737 PhotoGrid_1451822148055 PhotoGrid_1451822258697 PhotoGrid_1451821590245 PhotoGrid_1451813799732 PhotoGrid_1451813643559 PhotoGrid_1451813578217 PhotoGrid_1451917225785

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