Cape gems: Garden of Eden

So maybe I was a little sensationalist with the title. But Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is exactly what I imagine the Garden of Eden looked like. Immaculate lawns, birds chirping, every imaginable plant, picturesque mountain views; the garden, in 10 words. PhotoGrid_1451388741021








A few weeks ago, a friend of mine drove us to walk the BOOMSLANG. What is a Boomslang, you ask? Well, it is the Afrikaans word for TREE SNAKE. The Boomslang is an aerial walkway in the garden that snakes through the canopy of trees. Do you see how fitting the name Boomslang is now?PhotoGrid_1451388647772






It’s designed to be eco-friendly and blend in with the vegetation, such that it doesn’t disturb the eco-system. Truly, it offers you the best views of the garden. Please read more about it herePhotoGrid_1451388011508




Like the VnA Waterfront, and Chapman’s Peak Drive, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is a MUST-DO if you are in Cape Town. It’s a good starting point for hikes up Table Mountain and Constantia Nek, great picnic site and is actually a World Heritage Site. 

This tree is a wild fig and over 100 years old.
This tree is a wild fig and over 100 years old.


It’s the last day of the year! How fast did this year fly by? That’s a post for another day. But for now, I wish you an awesome new year full of exceeding expectations, meeting goals, love and joy. 

Thanks for sharing this year with me. 

Love, Love and lots more Love.

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