Cape gems: Chappies Drive

Apparently the world’s most beautiful marine drive, Chapman’s Peak Drive (endearingly called ‘Chappies’) is a must-do for anyone visiting Cape Town.PhotoGrid_1450974822581

What’s special? Well, 15km long and over a hundred bends, carved into the mountain right at  the Atlantic coast… Whale spotting (June- November) and stunning sunsets… Slithering towards the most South-Western point of the continent between Noordhoek (area known for its horses) and Hout Bay (fishing town).PhotoGrid_1450974867980

Still not convinced? Audi, Maserati, BMW and Renault have filmed car advertisements here.PhotoGrid_1450974845547

I hope everyone has the greatest time with their loved ones this festive season. Stay safe!PhotoGrid_1450975159252 PhotoGrid_1450975178708 PhotoGrid_1450975114965 PhotoGrid_1450975061704 PhotoGrid_1450975006888 PhotoGrid_1450975137157 PhotoGrid_1450974949739

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