Cape gems: VnA Waterfront

This isn’t a gem, this is a treasure mine! Honestly, there’s so much to do at the Victoria & Alfred waterfront (often just called ‘the Waterfront’).

There are some places in Cape Town that are stunning that I’ve taken for granted.  While my friend Jean came down from Kenya to visit, we stopped by the Waterfront. I mean, I’ve been there many times, but it’s  the first time I was really in the moment and taking everything in while there.

Did you know that this is the most popular tourist attraction in Africa? I sure didn’t! Five years in Cape Town and I didn’t know this fact that’s so close to ‘home’.

The Waterfront has the Victoria Wharf Mall that’s home to most designer stores as well as lower and middle-end stores.PhotoGrid_1450257724949

Wine and dine
Bars and restaurants are in plenty, as are fancyyyyyyyyy hotels (One and Only and friends).PhotoGrid_1450258236202

Learn something new
There are lots of small museums like the diamond museum.
You can also take a boat ride to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 17 years. You’ll even see his cell.

Take a ride
There’s a Ferris wheel to ride with stunning views of the harbour, ocean and city.PhotoGrid_1450258389693You can also take an informative harbour cruise.
I’ve seen people cycle around the harbour as well.PhotoGrid_1450258080588

Live large
Hire out a yacht and party on it. Or take a sunset cruise. There are also a few trendy beach clubs.

Visit underwater
The Aquarium is where you’ll learn about South Africa’s sea life. Sharks, penguins and everything in between. Apparently there’s also a diving thing you can do.

Visit overwater
Take a helicopter ride over the ocean and Cape Town. If anyone  wants to donate towards MY helicopter ride, feel free to. 😁

I did a short vlog here… Check it out and enjoy the pictures.

PhotoGrid_1450258415214 PhotoGrid_1450258188878 PhotoGrid_1450258119316 PhotoGrid_1450258359404 PhotoGrid_1450257565025 LOVE AND LIGHT


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