Cape gems: Rhodes Memorial

Hey friends! I am back in Nairobi after a memorable trip in Cambodia. 🙂 I also got to visit Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh city (formerly Saigon, Vietnam). You know those posts will be coming. You know it. But until then, I’d like to share a few posts from Cape Town.

I am quite emotional as I write this post because I do not know when next I will be in Cape Town. My time there has come to an end, and that makes me sad. But as I write, I also get to reminisce on all the lovely times I’ve had in Cape Town. I want to do a series called “CAPE GEMS” sharing a backlog of Cape Town posts. I will try to post every day till I’m done with them then I can start on the Asia posts! 🙂 Let’s begin with Rhodes Memorial.PhotoGrid_1450184547979

Rhodes Memorial…
There are lots of hidden gems around Cape Town that don’t cost a dime to enjoy, and Rhodes Memorial is one of them. Now, I hate Cecil John Rhodes and all he stood for. All of it. In fact, I think there are few imperialists worse than he was. But history is history, and it is worth remembering and preserving, whether good or bad.PhotoGrid_1450184615261

The memorial is situated on what was apparently Rhodes’ favourite spot in his estate. Legend has it that Rhodes, from this vantage point, looked out and dreamt that all the land before him, as far as he could see, was his. Some also say that looking out into the Cape Flats, Rhodes envisioned his ‘Cape to Cairo’ road. This area is now part of the Table Mountain National Park

When my friend Jean came to visit me from Kenya,  I thought a walk up Rhodes Mem (as it’s often called) was worth doing for a number of reasons:

  1. It is free
  2. It is extremely picturesque (as you will see)
  3. It is close to my (former *sob*) flat and about a 10 minute walk from my university
  4. It provides the most beautiful view of the Cape Flats, city and Atlantic ocean
  5. It has a cute little garden with cheap refreshments and snacks

Please enjoy a few pics that we took.PhotoGrid_1450185069029 PhotoGrid_1450185037007 PhotoGrid_1450184934180 PhotoGrid_1450184815326 PhotoGrid_1450184664432 PhotoGrid_1450184687887 PhotoGrid_1450184459120 PhotoGrid_1450184410644 PhotoGrid_1450184379991 PhotoGrid_1450184349293 PhotoGrid_1450184264876 PhotoGrid_1450184197294

Love and Light


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