Taking Stock- Spring 2015

I know I’ve said previously that summer is my favourite season. I may have lied. I think it’s spring. Well, I love them both!

New season, new stock taking. Let’s go!

Making: Ummmm, a controller for a dynamic voltage restorer. #Engineering

Cooking: Last cooked pilau. A lot of pilau. Too much pilau. I think I should share some with a homeless person.

Drinking: Right now? Water
But in general, tea. Lots of different kinds. Name it, I’m drinking it! Rooibos, green tea, chamomile, fruity kinds, early grey, peppermint…

Reading: My final year thesis project draft. Been reading it for a while! I bet you I could recite it in my sleep.

Wanting: Next week Wednesday to get here! We submit our project reports then. Can’t wait!

Playing:  90s mixes on 8tracks.

Wasting: Nothing, I think. I hope.

Sewing: Pass. I’m gonna scrape this out of this template now.

Wishing: The next 7 days would whizz by!

Enjoying: I don’t know. I’m at a very high-stress point in my university career. I don’t think I’m even taking time to stop and enjoy anything. BAD!

Liking:  The nice warm sun that’s out today. So nice and gentle on the skin.

Wondering: How the next few months will unfold.

Loving: That I’m almost done with this university thing. 😀 I remember when I got my study permit in 2012 and its expiry date was December 2015 which felt like a lifetime away!
2015 was never gonna get here, in my mind. And now look at where we are!

Hoping: To get job offers from two of my favourite firms.

Marveling: At how God works. Honestly! Let me give you a quick story; two, actually.

  1. I had an interview a few weeks ago that I thought couldn’t have gone worse. I thought it went so badly, at some point during the interview I remember thinking, “This is such a mess. I don’t have anything left to lose.”
    Guess what? They called me back!
  2. I’ve been having the worst time with my final year project. If you’re in engineering, you know what a nightmare hardware implementation is. But somehow God has been giving me little victories along the way. And I know I won’t do as great as I would have liked on this project, but it could have been worse.

Needing: A Swiss massage and/or a vacation

Smelling: Oats. I just had an oat bar.

Wearing: Right now? A cute preppy skater dress I thrifted.

Following: Kraftisan on IG.

If you aren’t subscribed to BBC Radio One Live Lounge on YouTube, you are missing out on life!

Also following the HONY stories about refugees from the Middle East that flee to Europe. COMPLETELY HEART-BREAKING!

Noticing: How fat I’ve gotten! There’s no secret, if you eat crap and/or are not active, it will catch up with you. :/

Knowing: I am loved.

Thinking: About a trip I’ve been planning for a while. Can’t wait for it to materialise. 🙂

Feeling: Physically, really tired. Mentally, really tired. Emotionally, really tired, but also feeling really grateful. We always have a lot to be grateful for. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Bookmarking: Nothing. But there are lots of tabs open on my browser. All engineering related.

Opening: Nothing.

Giggling: Right now? Not giggling.
BUT, there’s this video someone shared with me that KILLED ME. I laughed for a good three days. Not kidding.

Thanks for reading! I’m keen to follow new blogs, so please share yours with me in the comments section and I’ll check you out. 🙂

Love and Love. And more LOVE!

Tell me what you think in the comment section. :)

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