Camps Bay Beach 101

Camps Bay is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. In summer it attracts a large number of foreign visitors as well as South Africans.” source

Camps Bay beach is one of my favourite beaches for a number of reasons (read conveniences). Here, I try and get down and dirty into it…

  1. Proximity
    Camps Bay beach is a drive not too far out of town. It is about 18 minutes drive (Thank you Google Maps!)  from the CBD and located on Victoria Road (see map here)
  2. Public Transport
    Camps Bay is really easy to get to by private and public means. As an international student here, I (unfortunately) do not have a car. But it’s easy and affordable to get to by the following means:Uber: About R90 from the CBD
    (does Uber count as public transport??)
    Use the code a39pi to get R150 off your first trip!

    Minivan taxi/Combi: R9 (I think) last I checked. You can get one at the main taxi rank in town. Ask to be dropped at Camps Bay beach or PicknPay. It’s right on Victoria road. To get back to town, there’s a bus stop on Victoria road (opposite PicknPay).

    MyCiti: Not sure how much it costs, but you can catch a MyCiti bus from the Civic Centre in town. Remember, you need a MyCiti card to use this service. Check the website for more details.

  3. Eateries
    There is no scarcity of eateries here. From cheap outlets like Kauai, to nicer restaurants like Paranga, there’s something for every pocket. Check out trip advisor for comprehensive reviews on Camps Bay restaurants.
  4. Sundowners
    Camps Bay is one of my fave spots for sundowners, any season of the year! There are lots of terrace spots along the promenade (Camps Bay central), Victoria road. Just bundle up in the winter. Cafe Caprice is a popular joint.
  5. White beaches
    Camps Bay beach looks pristine, thanks to its white sparkly sands. Definitely an attraction. IMG_3591-minDon’t be fooled by the beautiful clear water, though. It is super cold. Nothing like warm Kenyan beaches. Your body will feel either totally numb or like it’s being mauled (none of which is a nice feeling!)
    IMG_3972-minAlso, CapeTown gets really windy, and it can feel like you are being sprayed with thousands of sand bullets on a windy day. Pick beach days wisely. In Cape Town, sun does not equal beach day.
  6. Rent-a-beach-bed/brolly
    If you don’t own beach chairs/ beds/umbrellas, you can rent one from one of the many hawkers by the beach. IMG_3609-minAn umbrella costs about R40 for the day and they will install it for you. IMG_3572-min
  7. Views to-die-for
    The Twelve Apostle range, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill are all in lovely plain view. Twelve Apostles are my favourite. So regal!IMG_4080-min
  8. Tonnes of Tidal Pools
    Fun fact: The Khoi San people would use natural/built tidal pools to catch fish. IMG_4047-minTidal pools are awesome because they are often warm (when the tide is low) and lovely to dip your feet in! Just be careful, because the rocks often have algae that’s slippery and could cause a fall.
  9. Miscellaneous
    You can get ice-cream (my fave is Sinnful), have terrace sundowners, grab a quick pizza, walk your dog, attempt to jog by the beach, play beach volley ball/ football, frisbee, etc. You’re allowed to do pretty much everything but light fires and drink alcohol by the beach.

    I cut my hair a few weeks ago btw! Def wearing it short for a while. Low maintenance, holla!
    I cut my hair a few weeks ago btw! Def wearing it short for a while. Low maintenance, holla!

PS: Use the code a39pi to get R150 off your first Uber trip!

4 thoughts on “Camps Bay Beach 101

  1. Meron Dymphana says:

    Please adopt me or let me hide in your suitcase so that I can travel with you! You can’t be having all this fun alone!! Nway, I love the post and the explanation makes me feel as if am right there with you even though it’s in spirit,lol!

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