Postcards-favourite souvenir

When friends or family travel, my only request ever is a postcard. Here’s why I think they make the best travel souvenirs.

1. They are cheap
Postcards are ridiculously cheap! Many countries have bulk offers on postcards. So my travel friend/fam doesn’t have to fork out large amounts of money to get me a souvenir.
2. They are timeless
Like hand-written letters, I feel like postcards will (or at least should) be there forever and never go old.IMG_2962
3. They are thoughtful
With a hand-written message and the trouble the sender goes through to post them, it doesn’t more personal.
4. They are easily available.
Ever had a friend send you for something that you don’t even know where to get? Well, no trouble finding postcards anywhere. Coffee shops, curio shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, airports, literally everywhere.IMG_29595. They are beautiful collectibles I have a small section of my wall where I stick the postcards I receive. They are pretty to look at and give me little parts of the globe. 🙂IMG_3430

If you’re currently out on a trip somewhere fun, please feel free to send me a postcard (email me for my address 🙂 ) I will def be returning the favour.

Love and Light

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