Taking Stock: Winter 2015

Cooking:  baked meals because I have no time for anything else.

Drinking: water. I know. *yawn*

Reading: academic journal articles and articles on how to stand out at interviews and secure your dream job. I never thought this day would come.

Wanting: to travel. I believe that every single country on this planet is beautiful. Obviously we all have our top destinations, but give me a ticket to any country out there and I’ll be a happy champ.

Playing:   8tracks study playlist. This one.

Wasting: nothing, I think.

Sewing:  Pass.

Wishing: I could get an extra few hours every day. Time never seems to be enough. :/

Enjoying: my new blog layout. Hope you do too. A lot less clutter.

Liking: 8tracks, YouTube and SoundCloud mixes to get me through my day.

Wondering: how many black people out there get chillblains. I get them every winter and they are so painful. Right now I’ve got them on three of my five fingers on my right hand. 😦

Loving: this gospel playlist my sister put together for me. It really strengthens my spirit to listen to it.

Hoping: for a good job.

Marveling:  at how our brains work. Ever slept on a problem and literally solved it in your sleep and you wake up with a Eureka moment?

Needing: I believe I’ve been blessed with all I need.

Smelling: stinky odour. I’m in the lab and these labs are so poorly ventilated. Always smelling so funky!

Wearing: fewer boots!

Following: hmmm, I dunno.

Noticing: that I’ve gained fat in my midsection. Funny how a few weeks of bad eating and no exercise can totally set you back. The good thing is it’s also not too hard to spring right back up.

Knowing: that God’s plans are always perfect. Sometimes hard to believe, but it’s true.

Thinking: about how it’s taking me longer to fill out this post than I had anticipated.

Feeling: lots of different feelings. Uncertain about what the future holds. Pressure from current academic requirements. Optimistic about graduating and travelling at the end of the year.

Bookmarking: engineering related sites.

Opening: MATLAB. LOL. #EngineeringStudentProblems

Giggling:   At a voice-note that has had me laughing since last night!

Sending out flares of love and light.


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