Beefcakes and Being Back!

I’m super excited to be back to blogging. Things haven’t quite eased yet, but I really wanted to be back! I have cleaned up my site in terms of content. I want my blog to focus on food, and travel and adventure. I think those are the things I am most passionate about blogging-wise. So while the beauty, hair and fashion posts are still somewhere in the vault archives (good luck finding them), they will not be on my homepage. I’ve also deleted a few posts that I thought were useless (God, I hope I do not regret it!)



repeat after me…


Yup. I have tonnes of content to share, some of which I worry may not be relevant anymore, but my rule is: if it pleases me, it goes. So that’s how we’ll do it. 🙂


A long long time ago (my birthday in January this year), I went to Beefcakes; a gourmet burger joint and drag club in Green Point, Cape Town. Now, it was a long time ago, you see. So I’m afraid I can’t give a review because I can barely remember anything! I remember our drag queen’s name though; Princess Pearl.

You should know that it was a lot of fun! They do gourmet burgers (with veg options), and have drag shows seven days a week! The ambience is slightly ’50s and really fun and whimsical. Perfect for a fun girls night out, which is what I had. I must warn you however, that Beefcakes is a thirst trap masquerading as burger bar! The waiters were extremely hunky, and after the drag performance they all took their shirts off. I enjoyed my food and drag performance. The queens are really talented performers; no lip syncing, just real talent. Check out their website for more details.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the pictures so long!


IMG_7584-min IMG_7583-min
IMG_7597-min IMG_7607-min
IMG_7622-min IMG_7630-min

IMG_7662-min IMG_7668-min IMG_7678-min

Peace from Princess Pearl and me.

Love and Love.

2 thoughts on “Beefcakes and Being Back!

  1. wahomej says:

    Welcome back to blogging! Never been to Cape Town, but this place has been marked as a must visit when I get there.

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