Taking Stock: Autumn 2015

I’m going to cheat a little with my hiatus. For one reason only: I’m afraid I won’t have documented a quarter of the year, and that will be VERY VERY BAD!

Making: Priority lists. I know I always say this. But that is what life has become.

Cooking:  Baked meals because I have no time for anything else.

Drinking: Lemon, cayenne pepper water.

Reading: The Hidden Life of Dogs (although I returned it to the library before I was done).

Wanting: To graduate. Like now.

Playing:   Played: A game called Little Alchemy, that my sister forced me to. It has no point, honestly.

Wasting: Nothing, I think.

Sewing:  Pass.

Wishing: The world would be a better place. So much strife and sadness.

Enjoying: The sweater weather that’s hit Cape Town. Hey Autumn!

Liking: That I’ve shed 1-2kg of excess fat that I’d picked up. Just by cutting out carbs and sugar completely for about a week! 🙂

Wondering: Where I will work, what I will work as. #AdultProblems

Loving: Teyana Taylor. Honestly.

Hoping: I can get into a regular workout routine again. I have worked out 5 times this year. FIVE. You’re allowed to shake your head.

Marveling:  The moon is really pretty tonight, half moon. The universe. How much is there? I know it’s big, but how big, you know?

Needing: I believe I’ve been blessed with all I need.

Smelling: Lavender oil in my aromatherapy burner.

Wearing: More sweaters…

Following: Tess Holliday on IG. Honestly, she is a big phenomenon (pun not intended).


Noticing: That the leaves are falling a little too fast for my comfort… #WinterIsComing

Knowing: That God’s plans are always perfect.

Thinking: About life. I won’t get into it.

Feeling: Quite sad, really. A lot of sad things going on in the world. Nepal’s earthquake being the most recent. 😦

Bookmarking: Engineering related sites.

Opening: My Whatsapp to check messages.

Giggling:  Smiling: At the fact that Kenya won positions 1, 2, 3, 4 at the 2015 London Marathon! BOSS.

Sending out flares of love and light.


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