Wildlife Capital

I’m from the world’s only wildlife capital; a fact that I randomly throw in conversation whenever I can!


I visited the Nairobi National Park last December with my dad and sister. It was nice, and we saw a couple of cool animals, not your typical. I mean, I didn’t see buffalo but I saw an eagle. It was pretty fascinating, I’ve never seen an eagle in the NNP before.

IMG_5094 IMG_5065 IMG_4986 IMG_5021 IMG_5161 IMG_5177 IMG_5157 IMG_5031 IMG_5092 IMG_5005 IMG_5000 IMG_5236IMG_5241

Some animals that we spotted but aren’t pictured are baboons, zebra and warthogs.

Frankly, I have thought long and hard about whether this post should go up, because I think the image quality is subpar. But you know what, eff it.

Stay tuned for my Tanzania blog post. I think it’ll be pretty cool.

Love and Light.


4 thoughts on “Wildlife Capital

  1. mariadhiambo says:

    Nelly, honestly speaking, the quality of your pictures is on point! Like for real! These look amazing! (I’m not just saying)
    Dont be too critical of yourself. You’ve got skillz. 🙂

    Also, I love how you flaunt the +254 at every opportunity you get. It’s refreshing 🙂

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