Taking Stock: Summer 2015

A  little late, I know.

I’ve got to be the only blogger in blogosphere that hasn’t posted something this year. My apologies. In between Naivasha, Nairobi and a trip to Tanzania, there hasn’t been time to blog.

This is my third ‘Taking Stock’ post. I do them quarterly and I think it’s a neat way to record my life in little bits.

Making: Lists. All kinds of lists.
Lists of my sources of income this year.
Lists of the luxuries I want to gift myself with.
Lists of things I need to do before I get back to SA.
Lists of people I need to see before I get back to SA.
Lists of countries I would like to visit this year and next.
Lots of lists.

Cooking:  Made pizza for supper last night with my sister! 🙂

Drinking: Water

Reading: Sorry friends.

Wanting: A successful academic year, this year. To graduate with distinction (Help me God).

Playing: FKA Twigs, Banks, Jessie Ware. Thank you Rama!

Wasting: Nothing, I think.

Sewing:  Hoping to get a tailor to sew me an Ankara/Kitenge maxi-skirt with a thigh-high slit, and high-waist shorts. Recommendations are welcome (Nairobi-based, please).

Wishing: I could get a ticket to Europe.

(I will post this on here till my parents get the hint. If it isn’t loud enough already. If they’ll even read this. LOL)

Enjoying: The time I’ve got left in Nairobi.

Liking: Kericho Gold’s new herbal specialty teas and infusions. So good guys!

Wondering: How I’ll look when I go bald. It’s on my bucket list and it must be done this year.

Loving: The pictures I got in Tanzania. Blog post will be up in due time.

Hoping: I can shed my holiday fat fast because it’s summer. But I’m so lazy!

Marveling:  Creation. I think it’s all I ever marvel at. The stars, wildlife, how beautiful and perfect nature is.

Needing: I believe I’ve been blessed with all I need.

Smelling: Elizabeth Arden-Green Tea perfume somewhere in my room. So fresh.

Wearing: Pyjamas! I’ve been in jammies for the past 36 hours. 😀

Following: Zana Products and Creative Food Ideas on IG. You should check them out.

Zana is a Cape Town-based company that has the cutest creations and gift ideas.

Noticing: That my bad holiday eating is showing! Oh my. I thought cake was an essential macronutrient, apparently not.

Knowing: That I’m a geek, and owning it. I spend hours perfecting work/ assignments that sometimes mean so little. I realised that brain-teasers and puzzles thrill me! And random facts about countries, science, nature and sometimes useless things also really excite me. What?! 😀

Thinking: About whether to go to the Ultra Music Festival or the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, because I can’t afford both. 😦

Feeling: A little queasy. Light headed and getting short of breath easily. I think it’s exhaustion.

Bookmarking: I need to stop bookmarking internet pages and start bookmarking my Bible. I’ve kind of fallen behind with it.

Opening: My laptop to watch Scandal.

Giggling: At messages from our family Whatsapp group. Crazy bunch, those ones.

Sending out flares of love and light.


9 thoughts on “Taking Stock: Summer 2015

  1. Mumbi Shokey (mumbishokey.com) says:

    1.Can’t wait to see you bald now that you said it “must” be done
    2.Anita Gaitho can hook you up with the skirt if you order in good time I believe.
    3.I am also trying to bookmark my Bible more, and I must say I am experiencing a peace I never knew existed.
    4.If you don’t like what you see when naked, no something about it already.Guilty too.

    Blessed rest of the week:)

      1. Brenda Wacuka says:

        you inspire me. By the way I’m going back to my daily exercise regime. More for stress management than anything else. Keep seeing your pics and it slaps me a little to move

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