Recipe: Easy Peasy Pasta

My sister and I whipped up something quick and easy for lunch yesterday. There was no intention for it to make a blog post, but it was so bomb that it had to be shared.


We made a tomato sauce with red wine, tossed in some pre-boiled green peas and lightly-steamed carrots and broccoli, then added the mix into the boiled (al dente) and drained fusilli pasta.

Some easy steps

  • Fry one diced onion in a little olive oil till golden brown, then add in half a head of pounded / grated garlic.
  • Once garlic has browned, add in 6 pureed/ blended tomatoes. Turn the heat high and stir till tomatoes turn a deep red.
  • Add in one glass of red wine (we used Cabarnet Sauvignon) and let the the sauce thicken. Throw in some herbs, black pepper, and salt to taste.
  • Add in pre-boiled peas (250g), steamed carrots and broccoli(300g), and a handful of chopped green peppers. Mix for about 30-60 seconds to get the sauce through all your vegetables.
  • Add some margarine to your cooked pasta  (we used 500g fusilli) for additional flavour, then pour in your sauce with vegetables into the pot with pasta. Toss till properly mixed and transfer to a serving dish/ bowl.


Ten minutes is all it takes to have a pot of pasta goodness!
(Serves 6)

PS: This meal is vegan/vegetarian friendly. If you’re into meat, I promise that it is so good, you will start to appreciate flavorful plant-based dishes.

You could always swop regular pasta for wheat-free pasta (e.g. maize, butternut or spinach pasta) for a healthier option.

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