Undugu, Amani na Uhuru (Park)

Happy Jamhuri Day to all my Kenyan readers. Some may disagree, but I think we have come a long way as a nation. Bless.

‘Na tukae na Undugu, Amani na Uhuru (May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty)
Raha tupate na ustawi (plenty be found within our borders)’


I went to Uhuru Park a couple of weeks ago, soon after I arrived in Kenya. It was very impromptu. I found myself in the CBD mid-morning, and spotted the Uhuru Park dam. Boat-riding had to be done.

It is cheap to do. Ksh250 for a 30 minute boat-ride. A boat can accommodate 4 people and you get the pleasure of foot-paddling yourself. Grab a life jacket and you can be on your way!

I recommend doing it in the morning/ mid-morning because from noon onward, it gets pretty crowded. Also, the temperatures sky-rocket after noon and the heat gets unbearable. My cousin and I rode at around 10:30am and we were the only ones in the dam.

It was really relaxing. Cool breeze, pretty views, and a leg workout. My favourite things!

IMG_3713.CR2 IMG_3701.CR2 IMG_3733.CR2 IMG_3717.CR2 IMG_3720.CR2 IMG_3743.CR2

IMG_3703.CR2 IMG_3742.CR2 IMG_3755.CR2 IMG_3779.CR2

Love and Light


2 thoughts on “Undugu, Amani na Uhuru (Park)

  1. Meron Dymphana says:

    Damn!!! Uhuru Park looks amazing!!!! I need to take me some pics there soon and yes,we have come a mighty long way!!!

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