My Soy Story

Hoping that the wet and chilly spell isn’t unbearable for my Kenyan readers.


A couple of months ago, I decided I would try and eliminate animal products from my diet. So I stopped taking cow milk and started taking soy milk. At around the same time, my tummy was giving me trouble whenever I would take milk with my coffee. I thought I was developing lactose intolerance. It turned out to be the coffee that was upsetting my stomach, and not the milk in the coffee as I’d thought. Anyway, I still continued taking soy milk for the simple reason that it is plant-based, and I am anti-industrial farming and fishing, so it was in line with my principles not to take cow milk.

Soy milk tastes terrible for first-timers. I hated it. But I believe anyone can acquire a taste for anything, so I braved through, and started to enjoy soy milk. It is cheaper than rice milk or almond milk anyway. I’d have it with my cereal, my smoothies, coffee, everything really; from May to around October this year.

Background information (maybe a little TMI): 
My period has always been very predictable and regular. 28 days. Like clockwork. Somewhere in the year, my period started becoming extremely irregular. It would come 8+ days late.  

Around September/ October, I was chatting with some friends in my Bible Study group when one of them mentioned that the soy bean contains a compound that affects hormonal balance in women.

“Isoflavones in soy do have a mild hormonal effect on women’s hormones as they are similar in chemical structure and can bind to estrogen receptors and turn them on.”

Something in my brain clicked! The period of menstrual irregularity coincided with when I’d started taking soy milk! So I decided to get off soy milk for 3 to 6 months to see if my period would self-regulate. The first month after I stopped taking soy milk, it was still a bit late (6 days). It’s now the next, and it has gone back to normal! Like magic.

Ladies, if you’re thinking of going on soy milk and other soy products, maybe think twice. Or try and keep a diary to record any changes with your body that may be related to soy.

End of story.

Have a splendid week. 


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