Elani Concert: Share the Love

Elani is a Kenyan trio with a funky Afro sound. I attended their ‘Share the Love’ concert this past weekend. Their performance was amazing. Their set was spot on, wardrobe fresh and transitions seamless.

The crowd was not my kind of crowd, but I had fun nonetheless. I went with my friend Lea, who is visiting Nairobi.

Also, event photography, especially night events, is not for me. It is so hard to take good photographs with poor and / or inconsistent lighting!

Pictures? Here are some pictures for you. πŸ™‚

IMG_4196 IMG_4076 IMG_4091 IMG_4104 IMG_4130 IMG_4168 IMG_4174 IMG_4135 IMG_4176 IMG_4186 IMG_4162 IMG_4071

Oh, and my blog turned 2 some time last week!

Love and Light


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