Taking Stock- Spring 2014

Making: To do lists. Life is so busy, my head is always swimming in deadlines and things I need to do. I can’t keep up.

Cooking: Anything lazy. Baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, easy stews.

Drinking: Coffee, lots of it. Because, Engineering.

Reading: (Just finished reading) Letter to My Daughter, Maya Angelou

Wanting: To be more financially responsible.

Playing: Clean Bandit’s album over and over, and over, and over, and over…

Wasting: Tissues.

Sewing: Ummmm, crocheting? Crocheting a snood.

Wishing: I was more disciplined with my workouts.
Wishing I could get a free trip to Europe.
Wishing the year would end already.
Wishing somebody would buy me lots of camera accessories.

Enjoying: My camera and learning all the gazillion settings on it.

Liking: SPRING!

Wondering: Why my tummy has been upset these past few weeks. Keeping a food diary and I think it maybe dairy that’s upsetting it.

Loving: SPRING! If I haven’t said that enough already.

Hoping: I can start some sort of income generator this year for next.

Marveling: Butterflies. Why metamorphosis? Why couldn’t it have been egg- cute little baby butterfly- adult butterfly. Cuz caterpillars and cocoons are really creepy.

Needing:To see the silver lining of my cloud because it’s all dense and dark and grey.

Smelling: Mowed grass. Love it

Wearing: Wearing less now that the weather is warmer! Can’t wait for summer.

Following: Lots of photographers on IG.

Noticing: That my jeans don’t fit right anymore. I think I may have lost an inch around my hips and waist. Gonna wear jeggings only from now on.
Jeans are expensive!

Knowing: I need to get serious with studying. Finals are around the corner

Thinking: about what I’ll wear to this charity fashion show in two weeks. Oi. My clothes never looked so boring.

Feeling: Perpetually tired.

Bookmarking: TONNES of photography blogs and sites. This site is amazing!

Opening: iTunes to pick a study playlist

Giggling: Not giggling.

Happy first day of the month!


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