I got it!

Remember me talking about saving for a good entry level DSLR camera here? Well, friends, IT HAPPENED! I got it this week. I ended up spending more than I had budgeted for because the cammy I had wanted was out of stock. So this month will be full of struggles, LOL.

I am over the moon and I am so proud of myself. This is the first thing I have successfully saved towards. I am not the most financially responsible person, you see. I tend to deplete savings in a heartbeat. I’ve been singing about getting a camera for a while now, and my friend Sian pushed me a lot to get myself (and savings) together and just do it. Thank you Sian. 🙂

I purchased the Canon EOS 700D. It came with an 18-55mm kit lens and I also bought a 75-300mm zoom lens.


I am still learning it. I am a beginner with no background in photography. I’ve always been a photography enthusiast and follow tonnes of photographers on Instagram, but this is the first time I am wanting to take my own pictures; good pictures. I’ve been playing around with different settings and reading lots of photography blogs. So exciting!

In other news, the other day I was on campus (the UCT Glasshouse Cafeteria) working and a lady stopped by my table and told me that I look familiar. She asked if I am the author of Whispery Wind. It was such a warm feeling meeting somebody who reads my blog. Flora, it was lovely meeting you. 🙂



Okie dokes; end of post.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

Love and Light.


4 thoughts on “I got it!

  1. Lyra Aoko says:

    This post has made me smile so much!! I have seriously been in your shoes for the past two months. I finally sent my dad to buy me a camera and he is arriving with it tomorrow *Carlton dance* Saving is such a hustle but totally worth it in the end. Say hi to Sian for me and big up to you! I Love your blog!

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