Taking Stock

I’m sure you’ve seen this template around on a few blogs. I’ve seen it on This Is Ess and on Mumbi Shokey. It helps you take stock of your life. I thought now would be a good time for me to begin. First day of July. The beginning of the second half of the year.

Making: A budget because I really need one.

Cooking: Soup. Soup is convenient and healthy. I’ve done veg mix soup and butternut soup. Always keeping my eyes open for recipes.

Drinking: Lots of herbal teas. Well, I love my herbal teas. So yes rooibos, green, lemon grass, strawberry and hibiscus tea.

Reading: Umm. Online newspapers and blogs? No? OK, pass.

Wanting: To be more financially responsible.

Playing:  2048. Can’t seem to get that tile. I always stop dead at 1024. What’s the highest tile anyone has made?

Wasting: Time. Isn’t that the commodity that we waste the most? I could be doing a lot with my life but I waste way too much time on things that aren’t really important.

Sewing: Pass.

Wishing: I knew what I wanted to do with myself after graduation. What career field to get into. What business endeavors to undertake. What countries to visit.
Also wishing politicians in Kenya would stop being so divisive and that the government would take the insecurity problem as seriously as it really is.

Enjoying: Not having school work to go home to at the end of the day. I’m currently doing vacation work. While it has its down sides like early mornings, some boring work days, and long morning and evening commutes, it’s nice to get home with no work to do and just put your feet up and relax.

Liking:  My relaxed hair. When I relaxed it I missed my natural hair. But then again when I went natural I missed my relaxed hair. We always suffer from buyer’s remorse. I’ve gotten over it and I’m really enjoying my relaxed hair at the moment. Hope I can grow it out.

Wondering: Why I can’t seem to get out of this weight-loss plateau. I’ve been the same weight (and measurements) all year despite trying to work out and eat super clean.

Loving: Cape Town weather at the moment. Not hot, but sunny. Not wet. Not cold either. 15-20 degrees. Just perfect.

Hoping: I can save enough for a good entry level DSLR camera by September. Also hoping I can get an AIESEC internship in Asia or Europe in the summer.

Marveling: At birds. I’ve been observing birds in the sky. Different birds. It’s amazing how they fly. I wonder how much energy it must take for them to flap their wings so many times a minute. What happens when they get tired mid-flight and there’s no tree or building to perch on? How does it feel to soar on an air current? What’s the view like from up there? Do they get dizzy?

Needing: I can’t say I NEED anything. I think I’ve been blessed with all that I need. There are a few things I want though.

Smelling: Vanilla oil. I burn it on my aromatherapy burner when I need to relax.

Wearing: A hell of a lot of black clothes. I hardly own any formal clothes so I’ve found that wearing black clothes sort of conceals the fact that I’m wearing casual clothes to work. LOL

Following: Lots of photographers on IG.  

Noticing: That there are way more female than male commuters in Cape Town.

Knowing: To hold onto God’s promises no matter what.

Thinking: A lot about my future and what it holds. And results come out this week. Thinking a bit about what my Control Engineering marks will be.

Feeling: Grateful for my vacation work at a good engineering firm. I am also grateful that I got accepted for an entrepreneurial leadership programme with a big marketing consultancy.
Also feeling a bit queasy this morning.

Bookmarking: a couple of cool blogs and recipes for cookies.

Opening: My bag to get out my muffin to have with a cup of rooibos tea as a mid-morning snack.

Giggling: 9gag. 😀

Happy first day of the month!

Have a splendid Tuesday and remainder of the week.



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