Monday musings

Creative streak, inspirational drought. Creative burst, inspirational drought. Creative oasis, inspirational drought. Creative spring, inspirational drought. Creative… drought… create… drought… creation… drought. Repeat.

Sometimes I’m bombarded with all these amazing ideas, most times I’ll write them down. Sometimes I won’t. Business ideas, DIY ideas, poems; but I put them on hold. I have ‘no time’. In between stressful school assignments, projects, reports, tests and exams, I ‘cannot find time’ to do the things I ACTUALLY enjoy doing. When I have time, I lack inspiration. When I have inspiration, I lack time. Have you watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on ‘Your elusive creative genius’? No? Go off now, do so, then resume reading this post.

Is an artist’s (artist here in any regard: read creative) work a product of themselves or of their creative genie? Maybe a combination of both? Sometimes my genie/ inspiration visits me, and I ignore him/ her/ it and let it pass me by. Sometimes I seize it and let it pour into my ‘creations’. A lot of times I feel like my genie wants to camp by me when I have tonnes to do. My genie wants to chat all night when I am terribly busy. And when I’m free, he/she/it, decides to go off on a long holiday; totally unreachable. Our times are almost never in sync. This leaves me feeling quite frustrated, as I try to find release through this blog, my creative outlet, but can’t. And so… weeks without a post.

I have made this blog an abode for my memories, it is where they reside. Even if not one eye read my posts, I want to continue to document my life. And I hope one day when I’m old, I can visit this site and reminisce. And so can my children, and their children. And that they can get a peek into my weird thoughts and life.

Hoping, of course, that the internet exists forever. And that WordPress backs up their data properly. And that blogging is never rendered useless. Otherwise all of this would be futile. And that would suck, wouldn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. Deedee Murigi says:

    I love love this post…felt like you were reading my mind. Musings are real and a good time to be you and kick back on a high note. Writing on the other hand is the best way to make memories in future..Go go team #blogaholics 🙂

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